Héctor Bellerin (2)


Maybe if he focused less on mental health he’d be better at football.


Do you know what, I feel proud to be an Arsenal fan when you get players like this tacking issues and because of their ‘fame’ they have a platform to do good. Could you imagine John Terry doing something like this the racist prick.

Love or hate Bellerin, he is doing stuff he believes in and more power to him.

I also think he is getting back to his best on the pitch this season.


Yeah, good on him, but he is still average and thinks too much about fashion.


Lol stick to your agenda luca.


It’s your fault Luca, your country invented Gucci.

Who you gonna blame now, eh? :henry2:


Luca is the original Gucci boy imo


Bellerin is such an intelligent guy, he really is wasting himself playing football. He should really just quit the football thing and become an activist as I’m sure he’d be able to accomplish a lot of worthwhile things. Feel free to leave now we’ve got Lichty to deputize :wave::wave:


Not my fault if we have invented fashion :hipster:.
I quite like fashion, but i don’t play football :wink:


to be fair Italy produced tolerable fashion, not junkyard shit that Bellerin attempts


LIchty is probably only realistically a serious starting option this year - going into next year with him as our main man would be dangerous imho. He’ll be turning 36 midway into next season - if he was even 32/33 I think we could take the chance.

Reality is that Bellerin isn’t that great, but he does have some useful qualities and is not our biggest problem. I’d rather we keep him and invest elsewhere first then figure out what we want to do long-term. Too bad we didn’t go for Trippier (or Robertson for that matter) although he might not have fit as well in our system.

We need to sort out CB still… we need to deal with CM with Ramsey leaving and Xhaka mediocre… and we need to deal with our wide attacking play… plus we have to address left back - I really like Monreal but he will be turning 33 this year and I am not sure what to make of Kolasinac.

On a related note, don’t we have a really promising young wide back?


Jordi Osei-Tutu? He’s been involved with the senior squad on quite a few occasions. Plays mainly as a right full back, but can also play on the wing appaz, and Emery selected him in pre-season as a LB.


Thanks. I guess we can count AMN too but I feel he belongs in the middle.





That’s good. Great dig at that fat drunk cunt.


Hes our SJW fashion cunt.


Imagine some Tottenham fans like our rb more than some of our fans. Incredible


Well, would you like Trippier or Davies? Lol :wenger:


I don’t think it’s that unusual to like opposition players, although it might be stretching it a bit to admire a spurs player.
But I really like Eriksen as a player and a person but I think the complete opposite of Ramsey, who’s just a greedy, self obsessed, ego maniac.

I wonder if spurs would do a swap :grinning:


Im sure they would. They need more stamina merchants to lift the distance covered trophy.