Héctor Bellerin (2)


I’d argue about that Luca :wink:


First one is a pastel E17 look.

Second are womens clothes fron Bon Marche.

Third is Ali G and number four is Busted meets Bieber…

Very Eclectic…


The elephant in the room here also is that I think this is also an extension of the fact Arsenal fans are struggling to find any sense of attachment and liking to any of the current squad.

Even I feel like this is the squad I like by far the least (We’ll see what Emery can do to remedy this xD). The most liked in Ozil can be very hot and cold, the last one to truly have it was Wilshere and he earnt his (Chatting shit at Spurs also goes a long way).

It has to be mentioned, whether the likes of Bellerin like it not, manager failure and all these lot have contributed to a period which many Arsenal fans are not enjoying right now (Out of the CL, declining etc) not even the new blood that Gallas bitched out in public has done so bad. From the fans perspective there is just not a lot of affinity for these guys, it’s quite harsh, but also a environment they helped create with their lackluster performances.

It’s up to them if they want to turn this around.


Well, just go to Milan and see :wink:


Gotta be honest here…I like Hector…



Also think he’s been pretty good this year - needs more protection defensively as he’s clearly our key outlet on the flanks. Don’t really think he can be blamed for that.




Quite good at attacking, but he just can’t defend to save his life.


Maybe make him into a winger and put Litchy behind think they could do a job and then get a new defender later on


As much as I think he has improved on his final ball in the attacking end of the pitch, I couldn’t think of anything more painful than sticking him on the wing.


It wouldn’t be a bad idea and should work well.


Ooohh ello!!:grin:


He needs to ignore all the bullshit on social media and concentrate on his job. Emery should tell him that his target has to be getting into the Spanish side, and nailing down a place for himself and anything less would be a failure on his part. He really needs to set his targets real high, instead of being satisfied by playing in a mediocre team.

The reason for all the abuse online, which shouldn’t really matter in the first place, is that people do not respect him as a professional, not even our own fans. As Arsenal fans, we don’t like a lot of opposition players like Gerrard, Lampard etc. but we have a lot of respect for what they have done and achieved in the game. Hector needs to get there.


JBL. Long time long time buddy. :wave:


Or just sell both and get a proper winger and defender :wink:

We are desperate for quality defenders and a winger, and have been for a few seasons, it’s about time this shambles was sorted out.




Attention Seeking…Top Class

If Barcelona are still interested, he can go there, and take Ramsey with him.
They both think they are a bit more special than they actually are, and both seem to rate themselves before the club, so they can both clear off and we can get players that do want to be here.


oh yeah these players just grow on trees dont they…who is available that is decent?


You could be as good as Mustafi, I guess :joy:

Sorry, not “adequate” for me.
Yes, he is bombing forward a lot these days, but his crossing and actual contribution in the final third are still shit.


If we are as ambitious as our board often tell us, then anyone is available at the right price.
But realistically, if we can’t get a better, more consistent player than Bellerin, then we are going to get the league position we deserve.


Love Hector. Top lad

But people hate him cause he has an interest in fashion :roll_eyes:


Yeah i’ve always liked the way Bellerin has come across. That Oxford Union talk for example, he was very articulate and raised many good points. He is a very smart individual and rather than being the disgrace some paint him as due to his hobby, I think he’s actually a credit to the club.