Héctor Bellerin (2)


Cordings of Piccadilly , Charles Trywhitt .
Smart casual,


More of a Primark myself. It’s called Penny’s over here though and I guess even though it started out here they didn’t want to be called Penny’s in the UK in case people thought they were cheap. Well, cheaper than they are like.


My dear ol’dad , love him and his dad used to go Highbury in smart attire , both would wear a shirt and tie . In the winter heavy wool coats . Exactly like you would see in the black and white footage.
Even gardening dad would wear a shirt and tie .
It’s a generation thing shammy but with our man Bellierin , all this shit needs stopping and him working hard and to get us fighting for trophies .
Roy Keane is an arsehole but … he is right .


No problem with the notion that Bellerin (and others) should work harder.

But he can definitely do both.


Supporting this club should come with a government Health warning .


but why do you care so much? Let him do what he wants. he’s a guy in his 20’s. Our generation use instagram a lot. Only problem is he does it as a football player for arsenal and has people like you getting on his back. He’s not just gonna stop posting non arsenal pictures just to keep cristo and other nutters happy,


Bellerin has regressed or perhaps was never what some thought he was in the first place.

It’s fair to criticise his performances on the pitch but all this talk about what he does off the pitch is getting old, we live in a different world in which people particularly the young are more open to their lives.

I don’t recall anyone questioning Bellerin’s professionalism or him doing anything to demonstrate he’s not a good kid. He was under the tutelage of a man that had totally lost it with respect to coaching defensive players. Sure he’s at fault for bad play but I’d argue Wenger and his regime should share much more blame. No doubt they were teaching him bollocks ever since he walked in the door.

So because he’s been poor he should be a nomad and not do what makes him happy? It’s a little funny that people can have grand expections of others that they would never entertain if they themselves were in a similar position.


It’s like because you don’t like it no one else should and you are gonna give your opinion on why he shouldn’t like it. Even though it won’t stop him doing it. You done the same with Love Island with that massive essay you wrote about it in the tv thread.


Gets way too much stick for his personal life. Granted it’s not to everyone’s taste but he’s only human and has other interests other than football. As long as it doesn’t affect his on the pitch performance then it shouldn’t matter.

With or without the outside interests, I don’t think he’d be a better or worse football player. I’m positive he puts his job before anything as do most professionals. If you look at other highly paid players in their early 20’s, they’re all wearing weird shit too - it’s merely a generation thing.

I’m not into his hobbies personally but I do believe it’ does make him an easy target, especially when he’s stagnated over recent seasons. I do also believe Wenger and his coaching staff have to take some responsibility for his development too. Bellerin’s not the first to mention that they are seeing positive change from Emery’s methods and are feeling challenged more.

I think we should give Hector the benefit of the doubt for the time being and see how it goes under new coaching. He’s not been great but he hasn’t been as bad as some make out. He’s definitely a poor defender right now but he is really useful going forward which is massive for a fullback in the modern game.

Got to be behind all the players and the manager for now and see how it goes.


Yep Bellerin has been a good wide outlet for us so far this season. Probably the only positive from his performances.


Regarding his opinion, the guy should be glad it’s not his day job.
His fashion sense is horrible even if experimental in nature.


A lot of the people who criticise Bellerin’s style probably still wear bootcuts :joy:


Stop hating on bootcuts you bootcuts hater!


Better bootcut than gay skinny fits that guys wear these days


I’d rather wear nice fitted jeans than bootcuts. It’s not even up for debate lol.

I’m not having my jeans scraping the floor underneath my footwear.

All of my jeans are slim or skinny fit, but I always tend to buy them a size or so up so they’re looser where I want them to be.


I am not serious about wearing bootcut but I will never understand the fascination for skinny fit.

That said jeans are out of my wardrobe now.
Chinos > Jeans
Preferable for the weather here as well


This is the point I’ve been trying to make.

I’m not justifying the abuse he’s getting, I don’t agree with it at all (Sure I think he looks like an idiot but I’d never abuse a player or endorse it because of it), I was just trying to make the point that the reason he’s getting it so bad is because he makes himself a bigger target.

There are worse players out there that don’t get this kind of abuse but because they keep a lower profile.


If he wanted to go into some good fashion, he should just come to Italy. We are the kings of fashion.


Gucci gang huh? :stuck_out_tongue:


Being a fashion model should do him well. He is just not good at playing football.