Héctor Bellerin (2)


Not to mention he was one sexy mother fucker of a man. Bel’s a little squinty hipster cry baby.


:joy::joy::joy: I knew when I seen that bit about Wenger you would go off on one


I think the issue with Hector is that it’s more of a “wind your fucking neck in” thing.

Like, if he was an absolute don like Ibrahimovic and one of the best right backs in the world, a 22 year old playing like a 29 year old Philip Lahm he could get away with whatever the fuck he wanted. No one would give a shit because he’d be able to back it up by being a top player that shows up on the pitch and wins shit.

The reality is that he was a promising young player who has gotten progressively worse since his debut season and become a real liability on the pitch. Not only that but as he’s gotten worse as a player, he’s progressively become more of a fucking pretentious east London synth dj dickhead type who turns up in fucking £1,000 pyjamas and Gucci slippers at fashion events it’s just like… what a fucking dick.

If you’re gonna put yourself out there and really build a high profile for yourself, you’ve gotta have something to back it up especially when it’s outside an industry you don’t work in.

Maybe spend a bit more time practicing your defending, positioning and anticipation and spend a little less time looking like a pretentious wanker on instagram and you won’t get so much grief. He’s paid to be a rb not a fashion blogger.


He really doesn’t. You just seem it more tbh




Oh mate come on, look at him ffs

And that’s just the stuff from his IG. No pyjama pics included.

He’s basically turning into this video while being a shite right back.


Yeah i’m sure if he hadn’t posted those 3 fashion pictures of himself on Instagram over the last few months he’d be Philipp Lahm!

A lot of the pictures on his Instagram are of him playing for Arsenal. He posted a picture from a photo shoot the other day, and before that, the last non Arsenal picture was in July. It’s really not as bad as some people want to make out.


if he decides to stop by my local bar dressed like that, he would get twatted before you can say tofu !


I’m just saying that when you’re playing as bad as he is and has been, and then start getting involved in the whole fashionista blogging game, it’s an easy and low hanging fruit for people to beat you with.


Or don’t. and get over the fact that he does this.


Sorry, i want to go to sleep now and not have nightmares! :gabriel:


Hard to avoid to when it gets posted on pretty much every Arsenal platform you follow.

In any case, it’s like I said, he only gets stick for the wanky fashion stuff because he plays like shit. If he didn’t do the fashion stuff he’d still be getting loads of stick on account of being terrible.

Griezmann and Pogba get away with loads of cringey stuff because they’re really good players.


Granted I only come here and a bit of Twitter but that’s just not true as I mostly wouldn’t have seen those pics other than on here and that’s only cos I chose to come into the thread.

You can choose not to see posts by people on Twitter even if someone else retweets them and although I don’t know for certain id bet Instagram etc operate in the same way.

Oh and there is a don’t follow Hector’s thread option here too if you really didn’t want to see it. Just call him a cunt in match day threads or something. :slight_smile:


Reminds me of one of those weed smoking ‘cool’ guys (who is actually a dickhead) that doesn’t get the girl in those high school rom com films.


Well I follow Arsenal on reddit and some other blogs where his fashion forays make a lot of appearances.

At the end of the day I was just trying vocalise and rationalise the vitriol directed by people at his fashion side hustle.

Like I said, if he was a petrol head or a brony or a serial knitter he’d get shit on for that by virtue of playing poorly for us rather than the fact anyone actually gives a shit about the fashion stuff.


No he wouldn’t. Yes I removed the other two things deliberately.


I disagree. I think people would definitely give him shit for taking supercars around Silverstone if he was playing like shit.

“Spend less time in fancy overpriced supercars and more time on the training pitch you bellend!” 100% you’d see that


To nowhere near the same level. And he wouldn’t be called a lesbien for doing that. And we wouldn’t be talking about it for fucking months on end. Would be very quickly forgotten. And he’d definitely get a lot of props from people who just thought his car was cool.

" Guy thinks he’s Nigel fucking Mansell" months after he was last seen on a track. In his own time. Nope.


That is an Arsenal player .
That ladies and Gents sums up everything that is wrong with the modern day player .
Absolutely disgusting.
Dress to respect the club and who you represent.
Sell him


Terrible outfits indeed. What’s your favorite fashion attire?