Héctor Bellerin (2)


Monreal and Bellerin aren’t good enough. Simple as that . Both are liabilities when it’s a one on one situation. Sell both of them on asap and get a pair of high quality defenders who can actually defend and not give away costly free kicks or penalties.
Both players , simply aren’t good enough.


Monreal was selected for the NT in the last WC, and he is quality.

We won’t get high value from him anyway, I think it is good to keep him as rotation.


What happend to him. Offers nothing to the team. So bland and predictable these days.


He was actually a lot better defensively today but gave us next to nothing going forward.


Ive been critical of him on here but dont think he done much wrong today. Done quite well against Sterling as the game went on.


His first good game in one year. I also liked the fact that he said that today was an improvement compared to where we were last year. The players were clearly fed up with Wenger and sound eager to follow Emery.


Is he stil a Gucci boy? :wink:


Of course, one game doesn’t change anything.


Yeah he was quite good I thought lol


He was decent apart from the mistake the led to the opening goal. With AMN injured, don’t think we’re going to get a chance to properly see Lincsteiner at RB anytime soon, unless Nacho can build up his fitness sharpish.


He became a Gucci mane yesterday.

I’m out.





Yes, it is not Hector vs Stephan.
There is no match at all.


Bellerin got schooled there, Lich a Boss.


Bellerin’s earrings :gabriel:


It is Hector against Stephan, and that’s the way it should be.

No real competition for first team places, as well as an almost guaranteed first team place despite continued poor performances, has lead to complacency, which is one of the main reason that so many players like Bellerin, have lost form.

The culture of complacency, and consequently stagnation, are why we are behind all our rivals.


Hopefully Lich has kicked him in the nuts behind the scene. “Listen chico, it’s you against me for a place as RB” :mustafi:


Bench him. Needs a break and Lichy is a bastard.