Héctor Bellerin (2)


Dead solid logic that :joy:


Umm, but how many players can we say this about under AW - I am inclined to believe that preponderance of evidence at least gives me pause before condemning Hector to “lack of passion.”

At one point he was overhyped - he has never been an extremely clever, tricky defender with passing and other offensive skills in his locker - he really never has. Occasionally he goes on a mazy attacking dribbling run and we start to think he might have something, but reality is he doesn’t end up doing anything useful with it 99/100 times.

He is a decent RB - no more, no less and I am NOT counting on passion to make him much better at this point. I still think he has improved defensively and isn’t a lost cause at his age. We should at least wait to see how he develops under Emery for a few months before throwing him in the dustbin - we have plenty of other priorities and we have Lichty to back him up.


Regression of full backs seems to be a common occurrence here.

Clichy and now this


Clichy didn’t have the passion, the frog bastard.


Side note, I’ve got clichys autograph!


I don’t really feel that he’s not performing because of his interest in fashion or whatever but I can understand how some people feel he cares more for his instagram profile than his Arsenal progression.

However, it’s more acting like he’s some sort of superstar all the time that irks me, and it’s not just him. We’ve had a constant batch of under performing players with inflated egos. Talk the talk all you want but at least make sure you’re actually performing on the pitch, because let’s be honest if Bellerin was just an average bloke people wouldn’t give a fuck what he’s wearing - he’d just be considered some big headed, squinty eyed twat of a hipster wannabe.


You’ll get 50p for that…if you catch someone on a good day maybe even as much as £1 :henry2:


And this hits the nail on the head. Perception is reality. If I was showing up to work all the time underperforming, meanwhile my bosses see my posting a bunch of non related work stuff I’m doing in my off time rest assured they’d probably have a certain perception of me whether it’s true or not. Bellerin has this reputation now that the fans see him pursuing his other interests while he’s stagnating on the pitch. To me it seems he’s using his fame from football to further his fashion interests. Does he love football or does he love what football does for him?


What does this mean?


He’s famous because of football. Do you think if he was your next door neighbor that worked down at the chip shop he’d be famous for being a fashion icon?


No. But that’s not what I asked about. What are his interests and how are they being furthered?


Being front and center at fashion shows, speaking at the oxford union. Maybe he’s not pursuing a way if monetizing his fashion interests, but most fans see that he’s attemptingto build his brand. I look at it similar to the Kardahsians, wtf do they do? Kim used her porn tape to build a brand. Hector is using his defunct football career to build his brand.


He’s developed a lot of bad defensive habits under Wenger. Has also lost that dynamism which made him such an exciting attacking full-back. A lot of players have stagnated or become disillusioned under Wenger so I won’t single him out for that reason.

I’m definitely happy to give Bellerin this season to show that he is still an Arsenal-level player. I’m also very happy that we’ve bought Lichsteiner - somebody Bellerin can learn something from, and also keep him out of the team if he’s playing shite.

Bottom line, I’ve still got faith that he’ll come good. The fashion stuff is just a nonsense used to criticise him. If he starts playing well this season, nobody will give a fuck about his instagram posts, or if he shags his girlfriend with Louis Vuitton branded condoms.


It’s his last chance at Arsenal this season, then if he doesn’t improve you have to sell him.


I don’t buy the Wenger narrative; when he was good it was under Wenger, so do people act like that phase never happened.

Things changed with his new lifestyle, you could actually map it out. Btw a lot of his mistakes were down to him and not anything else. Not only that vegetable protein is very different from meat protein, so you tend to need more to get the same effect.


This Wenger is the reason players were bad myth will soon eradicate when you see the same player being same shit as they were.


LOLstafi and BELLENDerin were shite under Wenger and will continue their path of steamy shite during Unais reign.


I think when it comes to defensive players, they were made to look a lot worse in our system and will more than likely benefit from a coach with different ideas etc.

Midfielders and attacking players, I guess we will see. You have Ox on the one hand who seems to have gone up a level at Liverpool, but you also have Alexis who was far better for us than he currently is for United (but there could be a whole host of reasons for that).


Ox was not better under Liverpool, he was still hit and miss; yes he had a few moments of brilliance like he did here.

And like always as soon as you think he is kicking on he gets injured.


The pessimistic in me says he only went on the vegan diet to gain followers.