Héctor Bellerin (2)


Fashion or no fashion he is absolute shite right now and Emery has to do something drastic about it.

As it stands rn i would rather see Licht and Ainsley on that RB. Bellenderin needs a good feew games on the bench and decide to himself if he wants to pursue his modelling carrer og become a usefull RB for a Premier League topclub.


If his hobby was cars rather than clothes we wouldn’t even be talking about it.


Yes, there is, to the ordinary football fan Bellerin is part of two halves - footbal vs fashion, weird clothes and longer hair. The 2nd part was presented to the public exactly when the first part started to deteriorate. You can see how the two can be related, right? The more the 2nd half grows, the worse the first halve becomes. There is nothing childish in concluding that the 2nd influences the 1st.

He was better before than he is right now. There is obviously a reason for that. There isn’t a bigger and more obvious alternative for that reason than his passion and interest in his “hobby”.

The idea of a hobby is to let loose, relax, pass the time and enjoy yourself. But it is not usually something you fixate, obsess, or dedicate yourself to unless you plan to monetize your “hobby”.

First of all that, as well as the other pseudo-satiric examples you gave in another post, is not at all comparable to the way this guy presents himself, carries himself and markets himself and his interests. I am willing to bet you no one else in a 1000 people knows Bellerin was studying for a marketing diploma, I can’t imagine how you’d expect criticism in such a circumstance.

You are shifting the point people make in order to make the criticism worse than it is. Poor Hector, criticized for having a life outside of football. It is OK to have a life outside of your profession, for as long as that doesn’t interfere with how you practice it. Stands for any profession.

Yes, the carbon copy of his current behavior would be totally OK if his performances were stellar, because obviously his behavior wouldn’t hamper his performances.


I don’t think it takes that much of an effort to be a style icon wannabe so that doesn’t bother me.

Him stagnating over the years is concerning.


The whole debate reminds of the clash between Beckham and Alex Ferguson. Fergie long after stated outside interests were impacting Beckham’s game and Beckham was still world class at that stage. United actually went backwards for a few seasons after selling him. But any time a player got too big for their boots Fergie kicked them out. Paul Ince showed upto work with the number plate ‘The Govenor’ and Fergie sold him because of it.

Hobbies or not, given Emery likes rotation, it’s time for Lichtsteiner to get his minutes and reduce Bellerin’s playing time until his form improves

It doesn’t matter why his form has dropped, he needs to face the consequences of his poor performances. What would Fergie do with Bellerin? Throw a boot at him? Bollock him? Sell him? Drop him? A few of those maybe.

The 100k contract was a double edged sword because he was wanted by City and Barce with his contract running down so had to offer him to keep a big fullback talent. And then since he’s making 100k a week and set to be wealthy for life he’s less motivated to improve because he’s already made it. And typically most of our players play worse after they get a new contract. Remember Theo’s output drying up after his new contract?




Yeah, tough swiss steak :kos2:


The big money lengthy contract, lack of competition and poor coaching received strike me as being much bigger and more obvious possible explanations for his decline or stagnation than his interest in fashion.


Not surprised this sentence ended up applying to @Gladiator :rofl:


Overreaction atm, just like ole Goozey - let’s see how the first few games of the season play out and give Goozey some time.

Reality is Bellerin is an average to above-average RB in the league atm - he has pace going for him and he is “ok” at a lot of things, but is pretty meh going forward. Having said that, I think his defending overall has actually improved in the last couple of years. Yes, he still loses his man from time to time, but that happens to the best of them - and clever backs do cheat a little bit occasionally.

Anyway, yes we could use RB and LB and CB upgrades (probably still, man I am not convinced with Papa so far), but we also need another wing attacker. Likelihood is that we are going with Bellerin and Lichty for our RB options and that isn’t all that tragic.


Fair. I don’t have a problem if you believed those are the reasons behind his digression. I don’t understand why if someone else believes otherwise, that’s childish and whatever.


I don’t think having a different opinion in general is childish. There are many reasons why Bellerin might not be performing – reasons that are far more plausible that having an interest in fashion. But, to me, criticising his passion for clothes and suggesting that’s the reason he isn’t performing on the football pitch is rather silly.


I don’t find it silly at all. What you are passionate about often defines what you are good or successful at. If you still can’t see how this could have direct correlation to his performances then I suggest we call it quits, shake hands and make babies.


While this is inarguable, it is also simplistic - because he is passionate about fashion therefor he ISN’T passionate about football?

I think plenty of geniuses in history have multiple threads of genius, interest, and passion… and it isn’t as if he is making a full-time go of fashion as a career while sidelining football… I think we are reading way too much into this… frankly, I’d rather have a player who is complex and ambitious then some knucklehead who plays 50 hours of video games per week while also being obsessed with football.

To quote the knuckleheads in US Congress, “this is a nothing-burger”


Talk about simplistic… comparing Bellerin to geniuses in history. haha.

quote me on this… or go work on your comprehension.


As opposed to being all butt hurt about how much and how many times a day somebody you don’t even know eats Fideua :roll_eyes:


Then what are you saying lol? If not implying that he isn’t passionate about football?

Bellerin is starting for one of the top 5-10 richest clubs in the world - he is at the very top of the percentile ranking in a sport played by 100’s of millions… Having said that, I wasn’t comparing him to top geniuses at all - I was making the point that b/c one is passionate about one thing it doesn’t mean they can’t be passionate and great at another…

I’ll ignore the immature dig at the end - come on, bro. We can do better here.


Yes. I am indeed very concerned about our catalan sporting director’s fideaú consumption.

Trust me when I say he really can’t. It might save you about 10 posts knocking your head against an extremely thick and dull wall.


I’m inclined to believe if he wanted to improve and was passionate enough about doing so then he would. He hasn’t improved and has probably regressed. Therefore yes he’s lacking the passion to be the best he could be, otherwise he’d be improving.

It’s the managers job to stimulate the hunger and desire and if players don’t put 100% into the cause, ship them out.