Héctor Bellerin (2)


Tbf Gus Caesar played there a few times.


Sounds like a Andre Santos with a V8 turbo.


I remember when I was worried Barça would come in for him, seems like a long time ago now :joy:


He’s been shit since he signed that 6 year deal. Seriously regressed since his breakout season. He thinks he’s made it when in reality he’s distinctly average.


What, by being utter shite?! :joy:


We need Licht as soon as possible because this guy is gonna cost us a lot of games.


I mean I’ve never been his biggest fan anyway but I’d like to give him some time and in fairness to him… it was pre season lol


That’s a name from the past , Gus Ceaser
Bellerend should be sold on before the window shuts . He’s at best an Everton , West Ham or Chrystal Palace quality type player.
Plus a Vegan . Wtf all that about


Im just thanking god, allah and budha everyday that we have Licht in our locker. He can save us from this vegan, modeling, backpassing, weak ass, long haired clown.


Ah, Bellerin wearing unusual outfits is the reason for his bad form. I love football fans.

Apparently Iwobi has been doing Fortnite celebrations. I reckon him playing that in his spare time rather than kicking a ball around 24/7 is the reason why he hasn’t reached his ceiling.

And Xhaka once went out to dinner when he could have been doing extra training – despicable behaviour!

I’m not saying Bellerin shouldn’t be criticised. He should be – he didn’t have a great game last night and he hasn’t been at the top of his game for a while. But to blame his hobby is just laughable. As if he is running around the pitch with tartan trousers on his mind!


People blame his attitude, not his hobby. He is a lot more committed to his hobby than to his source of income.


How do you know this?


I tend to agree, Bellerin’s poor form has nothing to do with his outside interests.

He’s a distinctly average fullback who was massively overhyped by Arsenal fans and enabled by Wenger through lack of credible competition, poor defensive coaching and a £100k contract unbefitting of his progress at the time.

He was too comfortable for too long and as a result never felt the pressure to improve and refine his game. Lich will displace him before November


Of the top of your head, do you know the hobby of any other footballer currently part of the Arsenal squad?


Just because he publicises his fashion interests/photos more often than the average footballer social media doesn’t mean he’s more committed to it than football. There’s no evidence at all


Not really sure what that has to do with anything. Bellerin’s hobby is a more visual one. If he didn’t wear the clothes he does no one would comment. I don’t even see the problem with his hobby to be honest. He goes to a fashion show every now and again, so bloody what!

Obviously all footballers have outside interests. Just because you don’t know what they are, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


To be fair the vegan thing is more of a health choice, he said his body feels and recovers better since he’s given up meat, not going to criticise him for that. If it works for him then fair play.


Except there is no evidence he prioritizes (which is a weak verb because there really shouldn’t be a comparison between the commitment between the profession that makes him a millionaire, in which profession he has been unbelievably under par for sooo long, and just a hobby) football over his hobby either. If you want to talk about evidence that is.

@Phoebica It was a simple yes or no question. We understand you don’t see a problem with his hobby, why was that a reason not to answer the question I don’t know. We know about his hobby because he broadcasts it more often than he takes a shit, not because it is a visual one. Painting is visual, photography is visual, singing is audio, music making is audio. Yet you only vaguely know that Petr Cech plays the guitar and you know what brand of pink underwear Bellerin wears.

No one has a problem with his hobby in general terms, as I said people are annoyed at his attitude. It is well known that the more hours and commitment you put into something, you get better. Work ethic, dedication, all things you don’t see from Bellerin. Ronaldo is known for his work ethic, Bellerin is known for his fashion shows.

He has been playing like fucking shit for ages, looks ridiculous and puts his hobby in people’s eyes all the time. I don’t see why anyone will have a problem with someone criticizing all of that.


Don’t they? Why have I seen people have a go at his interest in fashion on numerous occasions then? To me, it comes across as childish and ridiculous. And there is absolutely no evidence of it interfering with his football. It’s just a stick to beat him with. ALL footballers have hobbies, whether we like it or not.

Bellerin was studying for a marketing diploma a few years ago. I don’t remember much criticism about that being a distraction.

And what happens if he improves under Emery while still wearing funny clothes? Will him having a life outside of football suddenly be OK again?!


Santos actually had top class technique, dribbling, passing but he was just fat and couldn’t run or defend much.