Héctor Bellerin (2)


Luca has a point. This guy had an opportunity this summer to train his ass off and be ready for the season. Instead he was running around trying to be a fashion icon.


No its a friendly. Chill out


haha fuck out…That really should be a general phrase


I know what “fuck up” means…

but how about “fuck out” ??


Seems Luca made a word up :joy:




Dood bro, even Chambers looked head and shoulders better at RB than this Gucci boy.


I think of the players we’ve had in this position.

Dixon, Lauren.

F’ckin Bellerin ain’t fit to lace their boots


Cheers bro :kos2:


haha after all that we win on penalties progress made, cech never saves them in general has saved 2 today


I know what it means now, @Calum

It is a short form of “get the fuck out of here”… and @Luca_from_Italy just took “fuck out” from the whole phrase…

He wants Bellerin to get the fuck out of the team… my guess is.


Yeah, but he is still a Gucci overrated fucker.


This guy.

I’m all for people having hobbies and interests outside of football, they’re human for fucks sake not machines. But he’s clearly trying to build a brand around himself, how about, he concentrates on the career he’s being payed for and all the other shit he want will follow when he’s actually made it.

He’s quick enough to cunt Wenger out, training methods this blah, blah, blah but now it’s all on him, no manager who’ll have his back to hide behind when he’s shit.

Needs to buck his ideas up pronto as my old man would say.


Ah great, he’s clearly going to be the new whipping boy/person for people to go OTT on/let their anger out on this season, with the help, as with all scapegoats, of a silly narrative, in this case the off the field fashion interests (and what better one to offend dull football fans insecure macho sensibilities!).


To what end?


Didn’t watch the game but sounds like he got spun by Hudson odoi.

Man, he should be getting heavy minutes for Chelsea this season, their best youth player I heard. If he can’t make it, nobody is making it to their first team.


Love how my boy Hector easily russles so many arsenal fans


Worst player on the pitch today together with Kolasinac. He really lacks the basic technical level you can expect for an Arsenal fullback.

When you add a fragile and weak physique coupled with a nonchalant and overconfident aura it really means disaster for that right hand side.

Cant cross, cant pass, cant controle a ball, cant tackle, cant protect the ball, cant head, cant dribble. He has pace though, which is great if it all was a game of FIFA


He’s absolutely woeful, really surprised by how much he has regressed in the last season or two, no wonder Spain seem to have absolutely no interest in him.

I’d love to ship him out and bring in a player who might not be as exotic of a name but actually possesses the fundamentals to play right back. He’s honestly turning into the fullback version of Theo Walcott, though it’s worse because he’s in a position beside that clown Mustafi where we are going to leak goals and points due to ineptitude.


Lichtsteiner is licking his lips.

He knows he’s about maul this young pup.