Héctor Bellerin (2)


Hahha he could use some veggies for sure :mustafi:


Looks like he could use some factor 50


Arnie’s disguise on Total Recall…

“Get ready for a suprise…”



Good that he is keeping himself fit because he fucking needs to step up this season.


Alan Brazil or Hector?


Gucci boy.


:henry2: innit tho


Showed up on my timeline that Hector liked this tweet. :rofl:


The only three lions I’ll support :wink:


C’mon Uruguay!


Should spend more time training and less time being an activist cunt tbh.


Fucking scumbag Gucci cunt. Even Emery can’t improve him. Sell this waste of space.


If Barca were really gonna take him off our hands for 40m or whatever it was…and we didn’t take that…we truly deserve all the bad results coming our way. Same goes for Ramsey.


emery has barely had a couple of weeks in coaching at least give him a season to coach out the fucking dross wenger instilled.


Lol why are you talking about Emery like he’s some good developer of players, biscotti boy?


@Luca_from_Italy calm down mate, don’t make me ban you the rest of the evening.


I just hate this waste of space. He is just average. No manager can improve him.


Chill out


I’m sorry to have to break this to you, but this isn’t gonna be a thing. The faster you accept our mediocrity the better, stop trying to somehow justify it.


Fuck out.