Héctor Bellerin (2)


And a pair of shoes.


And a Kikat…


Can’t use OA at work and can’t access urbandictionary. No wonder Calum wants independence from whatever communist dictatorship he’s living in.


The only time I’ve ever had a ban on being on your phone during working hours was when I worked a temp admin position in a small regional financial services company that micromanaged everything you did and hadn’t turned a profit in three years. They also used to chat inordinate amounts of shit about previous employees and just in general didn’t give off a great vibe.

Otherwise almost all other employers don’t give a shit as long as you don’t take the piss and get your work done.


ffs there is no phone ban :joy: phones can even be out on your desk and using them to listen to music if you want. You just can’t sit on them for ages.

I think I grossly exaggerated what I was meaning and everyone understood it wrong haha



How is Calum even active so much on OA with all these restrictions on him?


Yeah you defo made it sound worse, lol. The day Wenger left, you implied you didn’t know until you came on here at lunchtime because you weren’t allowed to look at your phone.


Tbf that was true I didn’t know until my lunch as I don’t really go on the internet until lunch. I also turn off my data to save battery when I’m not using it.

Anything could happen between 9-1 and I wouldn’t have a fucking clue :wink:


Not allowed charge you phone at work? This is the type of shit the unions should be fighting today!!


I get home every day with my phone never below 70 percent lol no need to charge it till 10 PM

I charge it before I leave in the morning and it does me the whole day and night.


My mum consumes more cellphone battery than you do and all she does is check messages on whatsapp.

I don’t know whether to admire you or think you live a shit life.


Yeah but I do message her A LOT


You would think I would be offended but I only judge your choices now.


:facepalm: :arteta:




I’ve been totally outbantered there. Well played lad




Holy mother fekin lord in the sky he is lookin sharp. Who is Alan btw?


Alan Brazil. This hunk of beef :laughing:

He recently had a go at Hector for being on a vegan diet