Héctor Bellerin (2)




Fucking Vegan
It gets worse and worse .


The amount of dickhead meateaters who can’t take the vaguest criticism of their diets is wonderful.

You might have reached the point at which you have to admit that your diet isn’t infallible :joy:


I think you have to find the right balance when it comes to diet anyway. I have days where I don’t actually consume any meat or fish, and try to get my protein from other sources and days where my meat and fish intake is very high.

Everything in moderation I suppose lol




I’ve got no reason to be smug. I’ve got a bit of a belly and I consume meat like twice a month.

I just love these cunts who try and talk shit about vegans or veggies when they look like Alan Brazil :joy:


I assume you are not talking about the young Alan Brazil, right?? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m talking about the fat, red faced alcoholic looking cunt that is currently trying to dig out a professional athlete for their diet


I’m on the opposite of a vegan diet and I also feel great, so Dr Brazil is right, get a steak down yer son.


I don’t want to see Brazil’s physique, but I think Bellerin is doing just fine11311581_1473796519597534_779512499_n


I don’t know what that picture is supposed to prove as it’s taken before Bellerin became a vegan. I mean he obviously hasn’t gotten any fatter since he did but his pack is not due to veganism, it’s because he is a professional athlete.

I am unsure of the positive effects of veganism on health. I can understand the motivation behind it as a way of living life in consideration of animals and Earth balance, however I think there is little evidence to suggest it’s a healthier diet than a diet that includes meat.

I remember an interview with Bellerin where he said since he became a vegan he has felt much better. I also however read an interview with a nutritionist who said that in his opinion Djokovic has suffered because of his vegan diet and because he doesn’t have enough power to compete at the highest level. He said that in the beginning when you give up meat the effect is strong because the cells start producing more oxygen, but that effect fades off quickly.


Yeah I don’t think there’s any actual compelling evidence that following a vegan diet is of any actual benefit than that of a meat based diet.


I wasn’t aware that Bellerin recently became vegan, but him telling him to eat some steak suggests he thinks he’s skinny and should bulk up but he looks absolutely fine


Obviously Alan Brazil is talking bollocks.

Many meat eating athlete have performed poorly and many vegan athletes have performed poorly.

Bellerin is more of a victim of limitation in technical ability rather than diet issues


Let’s be real. It’s the hair, isn’t it?

Get a Wilshire FFS HECTOR.



Suits him better!


oh i see what you did there :henry2:


I’d really love us to start playing Bellerin on the wing; Bale style.

Is there any reason why he couldn’t convert to a more offensive position?


shit crossing