Héctor Bellerin (2)


I don’t know?


go check one…

on youbube, search Maroon 5 Victoria Secret… it is pretty good.

Nice music, nice bodies… a better show than today’s game.


You are better off


2 words are enough already…

FUCK OFF… not “you are better off” :stuck_out_tongue:



I apologise for nothing. That’s the level I’m prepared to stoop to after last night’s shit show.

Cunts. All of them.


Wouldn’t mind seeing a Xhaka 100mph volley to his annoying grill.




Now that I’ve cooled down a bit, I have to be fair to him.

The problem is, there is considerable pressure on our fullbacks to attack as well as defend as they are our only source of width. Because our ‘wingers’ are all either no 10s or welbeck!

A drastic change of system is needed.


Still can’t believe how everyone took the loss on him last night it’s not like he fucked up like Koscielny did in the first leg.

Would love to see him under a new manager before I say anything. His 15/16 team of the season performances show how good a player he can be


When a player has been shit for 24 months though, people’s patience wears pretty thin.


Have we sold this fucker yet?





LMAO genuinely can’t stop laughing at this

But yea Hector probably thinks KFC is part of a vegan diet


He had so many chances to cross the ball out… but he did not have the balls to do that, because his crossing is simply shit.

I don’t believe it is a strategy thing. Monreal had the green light to all-you-can-cross, but Wenger told Bellerin to hold back and pass back?


I don’t think being a vegan is good for an athlete. He looks slower, weaker, slower mentally, and plain shit for ages now.


Go say that to David Haye’s face. Dare ya :sunglasses:

Not to mention Messi, if it’s good enough for him…


Lewis Hamilton became world champion since he became a vegan as well, arguably did his best ever season.

Think for athletes it doesn’t make a difference, dieticians will make sure they get the nutrients they need


It is not about being a Vegan or not.
It is about the heart.

Have you ever seen Bellerin putting a “Chambers performance” for Arsenal??

Chambers is an inferior players, maybe, but his heart will carry him and make him a better player.
Bellerin has more talent, probably, but I have never seen him giving his best (except the sprinting).


He should be benched and let someone else take his place; I think he needs to feel that he isn’t irreplaceable


I’m pretty sure Messi isn’t actually a vegan he just has a diet that emphasises quite a vegan friendly selection.

I could be wrong though…