Héctor Bellerin (2)


I was never really disputing some of his questionable performances, I disputed the ridiculous reasoning some on here had for it!


Hair cunt


Shut up! He is a fashion bitch. I’d like to have a go at him in a pub.


I want everyone of these fuckers sold in next few windows.


High fashion IQ low footballing IQ. Gee if there was anything he could do about that, like maybe taking his career seriously instead of being so obsessed with the runway.


How many times I need to repeat it…

Very good speed (no more Usain Bolt speed), average defensive skills, shit fashion sense and and shitter contribution on the final third.

I want Debuchy back.

Next few windows?? Fuck it. Do it this summer!


Wish he was on his last year of contract at start of season. Perhaps we would have sold him to Barca then


He doesn’t even appear to be as quick as he was at one point.


That’s no way to talk to a woman.




Stay In Madrid. Don’t come back.


Again, Hector proves me right.
Like last game, he had so many chances to cross the ball out or go deep, but he did not.
Today’s game, again he had quite a number of times… he did not.
When he crossed, what a shit ball.


He was truly awful Ronnie. And he won’t feel bad, I’m sure he won’t. Players used to be in tears going out at this stage. It’s just another paycheck for him


I think I want to cry right now more than these guys…

Can’t defend and can’t attack… what can he do??? damn it.


Diego Costa caught up with him mid way through the 2nd half. Says it all.


What is he good at???


Juve or whoever can have him, ah who am I kidding they aren’t gonna get mugged off for this pretender.

His final ball is awful and defensively his suspect as fuck, we’re a far cry away from the Cole’s etc with this current crop of shitty FB’s.


Griezmann of all people bullied this guy, had twice as much distance to make up for a loose ball and fucking dominated this bitch.

I mean, when that happens it’s time to pack it up.


I’m now oddly curious about what a fashion video is. Is it just cunts on a runway or do they do like commentary and studio analysis too? I’m off to @hector on Twitter and find out!! :slight_smile:


like Victoria Secret’s fashion show video???