Héctor Bellerin (2)


Probably exausted he is playing every single game pretty much.


That’s what I always complain… his final third ability.

The game that we were tied by Atletico he had to take part of the blames, because he basically contributed “nothing” on the right, even we were a man up.
Everytime he got the ball, he passed it back. Not one single time (maybe exaggerated) he tried to beat the defender one on one, and cross the ball out successfully and effectively. Way too casual (or way to cautious).

Maybe passing the ball back could cover his weaknesses of delivering the ball.




We should just cash in while we can, he really isn’t all that. Not the worst player but not elite quality.


Very average.

Maybe he should look into becoming a fashion blogger/instagrammer?

Seems to be more important to him than being a good footballer


I think people often talk about what he might do under a new manager but he just had zero end product and that’s the most concerning thing for me. He literally rarely picks the right pass, delivers a good cross and often the attack breaks down because of him.


Yep, agreed. And it’s not like he’s the most reliable defender either.


His final ball is now gash but used to be very good.

He’s not a sure thing even under a new manager, will be under the lights in the next few seasons.


Yeah nice one Hector


Fucking Gucci bastard! FUCK OFF!


Fuck off back to London fashion week you wanker


Was probably looking at fashion videos all week instead of studying Athletico’s attack tbh.


Ya shite.


@Phoebica try to defend him now. Pathetic filthy cunt.


Was going to rage but this sums his performance up for me.


Still think he’ll be back to his best under a new manager


No, he is just brainless.


Ball watching, didn’t track Costa effectively or anticipate the direction of the counter

Sign of low Football IQ


Wow that was bad defending


It’s the haircut, always has been