Héctor Bellerin (2)


Wait…what? :rofl:


In the mould of Lauren, Toure, Cole and Sol… I’m guessing that’s what he meant anyway haha…




once you go _____, you can’t go back


Tongue-in-cheek obviously before I’m reported by someone.

Not about Bellerin tho. Get rid.


Constantly getting done by Musa


Great going forward, but he can’t defend to save his life.


He’s nothing spectacular going forward. And his decision making is worse than that of an autistic pig.


Really needs to develop his game and push on now, under this fading Wenger these are wasted years of development.


Nah mate. He just isn’t that good.


Yeah right now, he has regressed from his 2015 self.

Any half decent winger seems to have the beating of him these days.



@Luca_from_Italy is triggered r.n.


Looks like Russ’ twin lol


going gansta stylee/hood rat this week huh.


OMG! :facepalm:


Is he being sponsored by Irn Bru?


maybe he’s been tangoed? God i remember those advertisements

‘you know when you have been tangoed’


Fashion cunt

Hair cunt


My wife was watching this with me last night and she even noticed how fucking terrible Bellerin is. I told her about how his game has slipped and she agreed with Luca, thst he really needs to be focusing completely on his football career at this point. All the extra curricular stuff probably is distracting him. This is honestly just as asinine a reason for him being shit as blaming it on Wenger.


Did you type that with a straight face?

John Terry was jumping into bed with his team mates’ missus. Tony Adams turned up to games drunk. But yeah, fashion is the only criminal distraction in football. What Bellerin wore last weekend is hindering him on the pitch. He just can’t get that damn yellow tracksuit out of his head.

I mean, what do you want him to be doing? He isn’t out every night. Being a footballer must actually be quite boring at times. Training, the gym, extra training to practise weaknesses. Then home. You can’t do anything else active in case you get injured. And then people like you don’t want him to be able to relax for a couple of hours on a day off once a week? They’re people too you know!

This abuse directed at Bellerin for his hobby (all footballers have hobbies by the way) is just bizarre. Criticise his performance all you like, but don’t blame it on a fucking pair of tartan trousers!