Héctor Bellerin (2)


Luca at it again with his hatred of what ever Hector does off the football pitch :joy::joy:


Not my fault if i don’t like his choices :sunglasses: :kos2:


don’t you know being vegan means being healthy also, not just refusing to eat meat?


Not true…Veganism is quite unhealthy. Whats healthy about it?

Being Paleo is far healthier as thats how our ancestors ate. Our ancestors weren’t herbivores.

FFS Hector, This is not helping :facepalm:


Really? I have always thought i meant not eating meat.


There was no preference as carnivores or herbivores for our ancestors…
They ate whatever they could find.
Therefore, I don’t buy the theory that we were made to be carnivores.

Lots of research showing that, animals release a lot of unhealthy/poisonous chemicals and/or substances before they got killed; and those substances are not healthy for human consumptions.


A vegan is a person who doesn’t eat or use products from animals. That’s it.


I replied on another message telling why it is healthy, because of the “not healthy” substances that are released by the animals while they got killed.






What a cunty thing to say, when Arsène brought a huge level up to that squad and to his career and to his chances at success. Cuntish revisionist history from Dixon here.


Lee Dixon is just a bitter old man, who gives a fuck what he has to say?


I like Dixon really good pundit… What’s he said wrong here?



It’s the constant shots, I don’t understand why he’s publicly trying to discredit Wenger and what he’s done every other week.


He’s saying that if he had started his career under Arsène he’d probably have developed similarly to Bellerin. Saying that in no way negates or contradicts the benefit Arsène had on his career in the later stages.

Not sure what is revisionist about that, you have to read into his comments beyond what he’s actually said to find anything revisionist there.

@Burgundy he’s a pundit paid for his honest opinion, not to mention the fact he’s a gooner. Why shouldn’t he be critical of Wenger’s performance?


I take it some of you didn’t read the whole article then? It’s not scathing at all and sounds perfectly accurate.


On a side note, I quite like the Quickly Kevin podcast. Light hearted 90s football nostalgia :ok_hand:


If he said “if I was playing in Bellerin’s era…” before the rest he’d have a solid point.

But back when Dixon was around in Wenger’s team he was building that monster back 6 we saw in 2003-2005.


@JakeyBoy exactly this^

I admit I didn’t read the rest of the article but I can’t imagine that Lee Dixon’s career would’ve been if anything benefited by being managed by Arsène Wenger earlier on than he was.


That’s why we need to get rid of Bellerin. We need black and/or French speaking defenders.