Héctor Bellerin (2)


Let him do what he wants. I’d rather him be doing fashion than out drinking and smoking. As long as it doesn’t affect his on the pitch performance, we really shouldn’t give a shit.


Surely the issue here is the fact that through his public profile he appears to put at least as much effort into his outfits as his football. If he was putting in MOTM performances every week nobody would give two shits about the dodgy stuff he wears off the pitch.


I agree with your first point but I don’t think fashion is an industry where you ‘know’ alot more than somebody else beyond practical and manufacturing stuff.

It’s a subjective area and I think with the circles hector is involved, as a relatively prominant person, distinctive/unique combimations in personal wear is important


Except Bellerin is no fool and therefore his fashion taste has absolutely no impact on anything other than those fans who judge superficially.


Well you are not the judge of that :slight_smile:

Also you missed the point.


Have you ever seen a fashion show? I have, and I’ve no problem admitting I don’t get it at all. Bellerín would.


I’ve never seen one. I definitely wouldn’t get ‘it’ either but for most regular people fashion has a mainly practicality purpose 80% of the time but for people like Hector, who have the luxury of time, money and a reasonable amount of publicity, to experiment with what they wear they’d certainly “get” the abstract concepts on offer on fashion shows that seem odd and unconventional to most regular folk.


It might appear that way to you, but it doesn’t to me if I’m honest. Not a fan of his style but I don’t get the sense that he dedicates as many hours of his life to it as he clearly does football, I’d wager it’s not even remotely close.


I agree. That’s why I said ‘effort’ rather than ‘time’.

While I’m here I might as well also point out that I said “through his public profile he appears to…”. Putting aside my sloppy, rushed phrasing, it’s pretty clear what I meant isn’t it?

I stand by my assertion that if Hector was smashing it every game nobody would take any issue with his interest in fashion. Personally I don’t think the two are connected, at least not directly, but I can at least see how people might think he needs to concentrate on his football.

This place get more pedantic every day. Think I’ll lawyer up next time I think about a post.


Bit rich when you’re the one pulling me up on whether you used the word effort or time.

It wasn’t clear to me what you meant, you sounded like you probably bought into the whole “he’s more interested in fashion than football” thing, but clearly I got the wrong end of the stick, so sorry about that.

Not sure why you’re being so touchy though tbh, it’s a public forum and people are going to disagree with your posts from time to time, sometimes they might even get the wrong end of the stick too when disagreeing.


Jakey arguments are the best, up there with reading Maxi Gooner’s posts in an italian accent (O Maxi where art thou?!?!). How anyone could not appreciate them is beyond me.


Shut up you pretentious cunt


I was being serious…


So was I


Haha, sorry if I did.

He’s clearly smart and I just think it’s a shame to see a fanbase jump on one of our players who objectively is doing all the right things.


I think we have a different barometer for smartness. Which is ok. And I don’t feel like the fanbase is jumping on him, people are making fun of the way he looks, he totally deserves it. Since it is his choice, I don’t see why it is a problem if he is an object of ridicule. As for doing things right, I also don’t think he has done much right football wise, he has been consistently average for a long time now.



Whatever the reasons are, I appreciate the people who go vegan.


No vegan! FFS! I do like eating healthy, but being vegan absolutely not.