Héctor Bellerin (2)


I think we need a poll here to solve this very important conundrum


I’m a skinny/slim leg jeans man myself. Can’t stand the baggy normal style jeans like you see Americans rocking with their chunky New Balance “sneakers” :grin:


Petit New Standard, goat jeans.


Straight leg can match a lot of shoes… neat leather shoes, sneakers, even flipflops.

When you match a baggy with a pair of Farragamo (which I saw one before), it looks like Mafia…

Also everyone can wear a straight leg and can look decent.
If you are short and overweight, and wear a baggy… sorry, that is really bad taste.


Why would a man wear skinny anything?

Whats the next step. Yoga pants to show of your curves?

You want your clothes fitted … not form fitting. God help us. :slightly_smiling_face:


A slim / straight leg fit looks by far the nicest, I was over the baggy jeans look by university


Hector looking proper 90’s here




I don’t wear anything but skinny jeans. Hate the other styles and how baggy they are.


I like to make other people feel uncomfortable and inadequate by showing off the girth of my penis :eyes:


I remember those being all the rave on hypebeast back in the day.

Damn, that was ages ago.


Damn… you get hard on all the time???

Denim is pretty think and unless you get a super hard on, usually you don’t see much under normal circumstances.


Bunch of fannies I tell you.
Makes them all look like traingle


They’re great quality jeans, not much better in that price range. Much better than overpriced trash like Stone Island too.


A polo, a pair of jeans and sneakers. That’s what i call “dressing well”, not this crap :gabriel:


A polo and jeans doesn’t really stand out however whereas Bellerin’s style does


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.


Bellerin is too posh, imo.


My problem with Bellerin is that it is an obvious attempt to look different, rather than coming up with some new better way of dressing up & being a style icon.

Sorry but this is an obvious attempt to attention seeking.


One, I’m amazed that this serves for so much discussion.

Two, given the way he’s got involved in the fashion world, I’m pretty sure he knows a fuck load more about fashion than you or me.

You can like the fashion world or the cutting edge/vanguard fashion or not. I’m not a fan, but I certainly don’t see the need to criticise Bellerín especially when I’m confident he knows more about the subject than I do.