Héctor Bellerin (2)


Players don’t often sign deals keeping them at a club for a further 5/6 years.

So, just out of curiosity, if a new manager comes in, are they any players you think will improve? Will a new manager make any difference in your opinion?

If Coquelin can improve after leaving Wenger, then i’m Interested to see who else can.


Wenger can’t leave soon enough


That’s a very theoretical question. It depends on both the player and the manager. I wouldn’t be able to answer without knowing which manager we are going to bring in, if any.

But even if the new manager does improve him and likes to keep him, I am still pro selling. I don’t believe in Bellerin’s quality anymore and I think his price is currently very inflated, which makes the right time to sell. I believe his price will devalue in the future but of course that is pure speculation and we can only guess. Even if he becomes better I still think a sell right now will look like good business. I don’t think he will become the Carvajals and Kimmichs of the football world.

Right now I prefer to sell him and invest wisely in quality, smart players that will do as good a job as he will even if he improves or better if he doesn’t. If you put loyalty aside, it seems like the right decision to me.


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We always complain about not getting the right money for our players, but when we got offered 50 million pounds (if the rumours are true) for an overrated right back we shouldn’t it…






No, but or example, we could get Hector if Cologne got relegated.


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Bellerin isn’t improving under another manager and most players do worse under other managers. Coquelin hasn’t improved, when he’s trying to impress he runs out of his skin for a few months before reverting to averagness much like when he got his break here. Chamberlain is playing better in a system that suits him but Alexis has regressed when playing in a system that really doesn’t suit him.

Bellerin could maybe better drilled but as has been mentioned his technique isn’t improving at 22, he’ll always have a poor cross on him. He’s essentially got by on having some of the best acceleration and stamina in football, aside from that he doesn’t have much going for him.

Right now I’d take Sibide over him and run if someone offered 50m but he isn’t our biggest problem either.


Hector has always been overrated tbh

Full back is probably the cheapest position on the pitch and there’s plenty of obscure talent out there who’ll develop into a more capable player than Bellerin.

If we ever got a £50m offer I’d sell with zero hesitation and spend less than half of that fee on getting two better replacements


Jonas Hector is a left back (and also play DM For Koln).
I want him but not to replace Hector Bellerin, Jonas cant’ play on the right.


Right. We need a new LB as well, imo.


if we need a LB, it probably would be a youngster/prospect.
Monreal can still give us a couple of good years, speed is not his asset anyway.
Kola can play there a bit…
Unless you sell Monreal, otherwise no way we will get a starting LB, Jonas Hector or not.


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