Héctor Bellerin (2)


Ahahha! Just having some fun. Relax mate :ozil2:


:joy::joy::joy: So true


Hector got so bored of no competition at right back, he started dressing up :upside_down_face:


Given that the media will jump on any excuse to negatively portray rich footballers, seems fair / reasonable that they try to balance it out with some self-promotion / good PR of their own.


Our defenders driving the fear of god in to forwards across the world with that picture no doubt.


They should continue with it as it clearly works on majority.

I personally don’t find it admirable when you feel the need to have a camera around while doing a good deed.
Just do it without the need to inform anyone, it feels nice.
If you are a celebrity, others will inform the internet anyway.


Not easy to find these days. Skinny jeans are and always have been the work of the devil.


My only beef with homosexuality.
Gay fashion designer conspiring to see us men’s asses.



This is such bollocks.


I don’t quite know what to say to this. :joy:


If we can find a better RB why not?


Bootcuts are out of date, they’re for grandads. Bellerin’s style has improved since that hideous outfit he wore a few months ago :grinning:


I still find it mad how people want to just throw Bellerin away already. Have I missed the part where Kimmich and Carvajal are queuing up to sign for us?


Seeing as Bellerin is miles apart from their level, they don’t need to.

I don’t see what Bellerin contributes in either compartment of the right back position that matter - assists/goals from the wing or defensive stability - that we wouldn’t be able to easily substitute to the same quality that he is currently providing. So if the rich fish comes knocking on our door with a hefty transfer offer, I have no problem letting him go.

I think there is an unhealthy loyalty among fans towards our own players extending to the point where we are happy to wait for years hoping that the players will come good. Something we have probably inherited from our manager. Bellerin is 23 with almost 120 appearances for the club. The last time I remember when I was impressed with his performance is when we beat Bayern at the Emirates and that was 2.5 years ago. That’s a looong time to wait for someone to put in an impressive shift.

You have to acknowledge the fact that this player will not be further developed under the current coaching and he is not someone that will self-develop. He may well have a lot more potential to his game that we are not currently seeing and that may be brought to life under a different manager and in a different club, but we are not going to see it here.


Don’t give us bootcuts but please give me a normal straight fit.

Please gay fashion designers please


Nope. Just want to wait until him and a couple of others are coached properly before separating the wheat from the chaff. There are others we can (and should) offload and replace first in the interim.


Well that could be unhealthy loyalty, no? Waiting and hoping someone else will bring that other level to the table we are not currently seeing? What if he doesn’t have another level? That’s another 3-4 years will will overpay an average career and a good 40-50 millions of forgone profit before we eventually agree to sell for 17 million to the Everton’s of the Premier League.


There are?!

I normally go for straight fit or slim fit.


Then we sell. Better than selling him now and risking/watching him excel for another team. I’m talking 1/2 years depending on if a new manager comes in this season or next, not 4. If we don’t believe a new manager will make a difference to any of our players, then why are we even bothering to get one?!

Bellerin is one of those players whose future we are actually in proper control of. He is an asset. We don’t have to worry about him.


All players are assets and we are in control of all players when we sign them. And assets have to be managed, that includes selling them at the right time. Those players you are speaking about who’s future we are not in control of, at some point in time have been in the exact same situation we are at with Bellerin.

If, a new manager is coming in soon, hopefully he is not a fan of Bellerin. It’s as good a time as any to move him on and he will have a nice little budget to recruit a new right back and probably strengthen another position as well from that sell only.