Héctor Bellerin (2)


While Alli can only speak at a porno conference :rofl:


I have it from true sources that so was Hitler, Kim Jong il and Henry the VIII.


Hitler actually liked Rochdale. He liked it so much, particularly the town hall, that he told his army not to bomb it.

True story.


You get a lot more die hard audience at a porn conference, man…


He was awful today


You mean his performance, hairstyle, or something else???


Both; he let his man go a lot and invited pressure a lot


His defensive game was never improved…


A better manager could turn Bellerin into a world class full back. Learning nothing here.


I am sorry but the kind of mistakes he did today was very little to do with coaching, and more to the player being careless.


Needs to focus less on the various fashion weeks and more on putting the graft in during training and becoming a right back with at least some semblance of defensive nous.

Like playing with 10 men with him at rb.


What about the last 12 to 18 months showing minimal improvements


Isn’t that down to the player; and possibly the fact he has no challengers for his position


Bring back Jenkinson I say :sunglasses:


Jenks had wicked hair. Combine his hair and Giroud’s beard and you’ve got one of those pictures of them fellas you see down the barber’s.


You can absolutely coach carelessness out of a player (or at the very least minimise or reduce it) but it’s quite clear Bellerin/all our defenders aren’t even being told what it is they are doing wrong.


Probably Wenger is still saying " good game, don’t worry" to him


Because they are coached by a fraud.


Fuck off, you spanish paella fashion cunt. Focus on football, you cunt!


Erm why the abuse? He isn’t doing anything wrong… just sitting on a plane, lol