Héctor Bellerin (2)


Fashion icon???

ICON??? Please…

More like a laughing stock to me.


He’s focusing so much on being a Fashion instagrammer that he’s forgotten he gets paid to turn up and play football.

Probably why’s forgotten how to cross the fucking ball.


if that is what well dressed is:


Once Giroud joins Dortmund, my avi is changing to a picture of Oli G in yellow. Bloody sick of waiting for Bellerin to be cool again.


Him wearing a race track is my favorite outfit. Absolute fashion legend.


Nah hector’s style game is decent imo. A bit out there, but hey is he likes it. I think this stuff suits him.



You know they say you should stick by your team through thick and thin?

That’s possibly the only thing that would make me quit football and just watch Sky Sports Golf and Cricket all day.




Fuck off Piers!


biggest shame I have of being an Arsenal supporter is that this cunt supports them


In reality sometimes i feel he doesnt really support us at all. I feel that he had some sahres a long time ago because he saw that with the new stadium etc the shares would go through the roof. Now this club is just something he can put his opinions in all the time whilst being like ‘look at me’ and the mix with some of the stars of the club and kiss their asses and be the slivering little cunt that he is…only for him to slag them off in the media, it is all about getting a reaction and getting on his soapbox about something constantly to force people to look at him, i dont think he has any genuine love for the club just what the club can give him in publicity and prestige.


Osama bin Laden was an Arsenal fan too.

Our fan base is full of undesirables…


No. Take the money and go back for Sidibe.


Wears his coat on top of his pyjamas. Can’t say I haven’t done the same on a hungover Sunday morning going to the supermarket.


Becomes the first active Premier League player to speak at the Oxford Union…hopefully not just about fashion :eyes:


I suspect he’d be covering the highly academic subject of the pernicious role of the tabloid press, with specific reference to how big a cunt Piers Morgan is.


This kid is actually starting to become an icon


He did talk about fashion, defending his choices against the prudes. Says he is a human, got his hobbies and thats it.

Good for him tbh, he can dress how he wants imo.


Bellerin “spoke phenomenally well on everything from football to technology.”

Bellerin also opened up on issues such as “Catalan independence, depression in sport and his long-term career goals with charm and wit,” whilst there was also some interest from the audience about current affairs at the club, where “Alexis might also have come up…”

Özil is speaking there next week, too. Looks like Arsenal are leading the line in class and intellect in football. Wish I could be at that one :star_struck: