Héctor Bellerin (2)


Your avi :wink:



40M? :face_with_monocle:



Get him off our wage bill at that ridiculous contract we’ve given him


You not tempted to see him under another manager that’s not Wenger tho?


That’s actually a very, very good point. I hadn’t even thought of the possibility of a new manager I’m so used to the eternally monolithic nature of Wenger’s presence haha


Wenger stays=sell him
Wenger leaves=keep him


Clickbait, they won’t pay his wages



Mystery solved.

I always thought Bellerin didn’t look this ugly before.
Ever since he grew his hair and pulled it back, his face and nose look bigger.


We should ask our girls what they think about it. @Robin_L, @Phoebica and @GunnerGirl


The fashion icon stuff can do one. This was peak Bellerin:


His shoes though :grimacing:


Agreed, fit as fuck, keeping it simple.


There is nothing simple about that haircut. I’m growing mine after years and years on the buzz-cut and it’s a fucking nuisance. :bellerin:


He has something of the Kylo Ren about him. :thinking:He’s definitely slower with the drag effect on that mane as well, hopefully Super Sven ‘advises’ him to visit a barber pretty soon


Think Cristo was referring to the picture Phoebica posted earlier with Bellerin sporting the high and tight 1950’s look.


I was talking about the same :slight_smile:


Oh lol thought u meant reallllyyy growing it out, going the Bellerin/Fabio path.


If it was true we could get 40 million for Bellerin, defiantly send him packing in the Summer.