Héctor Bellerin (2)


Not his only disaster :joy:


Love when Hector triggers people because he wears what he wants.

Keep doing what your doing Hector :joy:

Who gives a fuck what he wears it’s his life


Agree I couldn’t give a fuck what he wears, as long as he starts playing fucking well on the pitch.


lol looks like a pimp for delboy!


If you play good, you can wear shit and still get praise.
If you play like shit, whatever you dress is shit.


Lol who is triggered?! I couldn’t give a fuck either - just laughing at the mess. Hope he continues so I can laugh some more.


He just looks fucking stupid and people are laughing at him. Good for him if he’s happy but yea, he looks like a knob.


He really does dress like one of those cunts you hate when you see them out and about in a Shoreditch or Hoxton pub on a Saturday night.


I find the lives of players interesting so what Bellerin wears is relevant to me, I like that Bellerin is diverse with what he wears but it mostly ends in a disaster :joy:


Most of the time it seems like these so called stylists are trolling the fuck out of their clients.

Bellerin is no exception.


Emperors New fucking Clothes mate


his girlfriend when she sees him like this before going should be like


Gold-diggers won’t care what he wears as long as the clothes have pockets.



Say what you want about the clothes, but the fact he’s sitting next to Slick Rick is amazing:


He also met with Corbyn. Future politician? :smile:


Bellerin switching from English to Spanish with Corbyn in order to cut Piers Morgan out of the conversation is still the best thing he has done this season :grin:


Yeah, Morgan is a tool.


Looks like a senile grandma out in her PJs, slippers and dressing gown


You wait ages for a bus…