Héctor Bellerin (2)


Legend. I knew I revealed his face for a reason.


Crossing still needs a lot of work but that’s more like it tonight. Goal was superbly taken.


Angus @Calum :wink: :xhaka: :kos2:


Luca why would I not be happy he scored just because he gave away a penalty?!

What goes through your head when you post ?


Well, hope so. You do always sound to talk shit about us. Happy if it is not the case :wink:


In his defense you do seem to revel in the misery of being an Arsenal supporter, at least that’s the impression I get.


@Calum used to be very happy go lucky, I remember him being one of the more chill, pro Wenger, optimistic posters on here.

Suppose a lot of us underwent that gradual change over the past few years lol


It is sad to see Calum become Aussie gooner


He could have been correct 4 years sooner if he morphed into me earlier :+1:


Don’t get me wrong, Wenger is so outdated that the more he stays, the more he damages us. He can offer us nothing.
Having said that, it seems @Calum enjoys us struggling. I don’t like it.


Honestly Luca just shut the fuck up. You don’t know anything.


Just my impression. You don’t have to agree with me :wink:


The only people that will enjoy us struggling are @Arsenal4thetreble @Trion once Wenger leaves.


Yes imagine, he could’ve spent the last 4 years with you and the parrot circle roaming from thread to thread moaning about how Wenger ruined their lives like obsessed ex-girlfriends. Where will they show up and pee all over every discussion on every topic next? The “what’s your favourite colour” thread? Who knows?


I don’t agree with you. Very weird thing to say just because i didn’t agree it wasn’t a penalty. :confused:


We’re already struggling for last 6 seasons so they will at last feel how we feel and we will feel great even though it might not be better, but at least it will be different.


Absolute state of it. It cost him 2 and a half grand to look this stupid


Looks like he dressed in a thrift shop.


looks like a new age fucking garden gnome!..his new nickname shall be noddy!


What a knob! He wears like he plays :xhaka: