Héctor Bellerin (2)


I do fear the same thing it is gonna happen with Maitland Niles who looks exactly like Hector when he broke out in the first team in 2015.
Wenger just can’t manage our youngsters anymore.


This man’s defending :facepalm:


What is troubling is that he is gash going forward also, shit at corners and fuck all cut backs the service he delivers now in comparison to what to is borderline criminal.


Never thought i’d utter this sentence, but we should give Bellerin a break and play Debuchy :neutral_face:


Yeah, he has been shit for over a year. Need to be replaced.


Sign a right-back in January and ship out Debuchy. Maybe bring in Sidibe in who we were interested two seasons ago. Looks a strong right-back.


Terrible, but isn’t helped by our complete lack of any team tactical sense without the ball.


Close to no development from when he burst on the scene, also very troubling that it seems he can’t be dropped.

I think there’s still a very good talent in there somewhere but he will continue to stagnate under Wenger and Co.


I think there’s a big overreaction to his performances lately. He offers a threat down his side going forward, not the best defender in the world but not truly awful. Debuchy gets nowhere near his spot, thats crazy talk.

We need to get rid of Debuchy and bring in some competition for Hector.


Agree. Little development from him, especially in the past season and half. On a personal level he should probably look to move on, but the Barça ship seems to have sailed so not sure about his options…

Edit: just seen what @Midfield_Maestro has said and it’s true he, along with anyone, needs some decent competition. Can’t help but feel under a different manager we could see a very very good player


Could almost say that about 100% of our players. A lot of the players we have can be and are good, but as soon as they hit they 1st team and wengers coaching they turn to shit.


Sounds like you’re describing any £5m fullback :neutral_face:

When you consider that we turned down advances from Barcelona anywhere from £30-50m (depending what you believe) and we gave him a healthy contract, I think he deserves the level of criticism he’s getting. He’s not been good for what must be coming up for about 18 months now. It feels like it’s very rare that he actually has a good game.

I’m really worried about him. 18 months ago I thought this was a position we wouldn’t have to worry about for a long long time.


I questioned the 100k contract at the time. Didn’t represent a sensible pay rise, this in conjunction with the lack of competition has had a negative effect


One single assist can’t cover his overall performance of the past couple of years.


Seriously what sort of contract did we end up giving this guy ? Simply needs to be replaced and be used as nothing more than a squad player, every time I watch him play he just pisses me off.


Debuchy should get more start


The reason for Bellerin’s bad form has been confirmed. He’s blind.


I am surprises he can even run to be blind!


How about a season ticket if someone finds his fucking form

Needs to stop tweeting dumb shit and improve himself


Way too comfortable under the likes of Wenger.

He knows he’s good whatever the fuck happens on the pitch, which in his case is sweet FA.