Héctor Bellerin (2)


Ha I know. I said ages ago that I would reveal his face on my avi again once he actually did something… still waiting.

He’s had a pretty poor game today.


Goal or assist for a right back? Think just defending well would do at this point.


Well for majority of the season he has been playing wingback, look at what The Chelsea wingbacks contributed in terms of goals and assists last season.


Did we overhype this guy like a lot of the youth prospects these days. He seems more interested in been a male hipster model then a footballer these days, also looks to me like a guy throwing a strop he didn’t get a move back to Barcelona he wanted and he’s not a happy bunny. The fact his family moved back there just shows where his heart is. I don’t think he’s been any great shakes the last two seasons imo, I’d be surprised if Barcelona would want him the way he’s playing. I’d probably cash in on him come the summer or hopefully a new manager might get the best out of him. But along with Xhaka and Alexis, been a massive disappointment this season.


Without speed, he is shitter than Jenks.
I rate Jenks over him these days.


And it starts…


Lol Bellerin is heavily overrated and been poor the last 12 months, but in no world is he worse than Jekinson who is a bonafide standard nationwide league battler.


Without the speed, I said.


Pointless comment then tbh, speed is a key part of Bellerin’s game and he has that.


Unfortunately, he has lost it, and he is so average now





Was absolute dog shit except for the assist.


Watching the highlights of the Liverpool game on Friday on Match of the Day, and man, it really is scandalous how bad his final ball is. Crosses to Lacazette when he clearly should’ve pulled it back to Iwobi for what would’ve been a massive chance, then shoots when he clearly should’ve crossed it to Lacazette. Really can’t believe how poorly he has developed, that is not at all. Definitely needs to be upgraded.


Yeah it’s a damn shame for a player with huge potential. And it probably wouldn’t have been such woeful development anywhere else.


This is my main gripe with Hector. I mentioned before how he should learn from Kolašinac; driving into the box, and cutting the cross back along the floor for a runner (aka Ramzil) in behind the row of defenders. Especially playing a #9 like Lacazette up top too where you’d expect he will poach a goal from close range.


Too comfortable. Too complacent. Wenger’s doing.


The 6 year 100k pw contract probably didn’t help either hahaha




Gonna have to fill me in what’s so funny lol


I’m laughing to stop myself from crying lol