Héctor Bellerin (2)


It doesn’t solve an offside called incorrectly where the ref stops play before the player shoots.

They need to fundamentally change how the game is reffed if they bring in VAR for offsides.


That’s a good point.

I’ve never been for it anyway as I feel like it just won’t ever be implemented well.


No, but it would be to improve some difficult situations.


How many of their players would get in our squad?
Also Wenger has been in the PL more than twenty seasons and their manager is new in the PL, and not only did Watford beat us, they are above us.

They had more shots than us and clearly wanted it more.

This is why people get so annoyed at Wenger when he goes on about quality and mental strength.
Because he is the only person who believes it.


True this. The Everton game is a prime example. Listening to Radio 5 and other podcasts, all they went on about was how bad Everton were, not how good we were.


Only Wenger thinks the opposite. Think the players are fed up with him.


This can apply to a lot of teams, not solely to Arsenal.

Also, you cannot change people’s conception.
If people do think (when win it is other teamr’s fault and when lose it is our fault) that, then the players and manager better ask themselves why the team give people this kind of perception.


100% our fanbase.


Maybe try and win a title to shut everyone up then Hector you whiney bitch.



Laca liked it aswell LOL


How long will it take for this guy to get a goal or an assist in the league this season ?


I’ll uncover his face on my avi when he does :grin:


He gets into so many 1 v 1 situations and refuses to try and dribble past his man. Madening to watch tbh. If only we had a little bit more of a playmaker who can drift past his man and score some goals or create something? Seems like that position is taylor made for a player like that…maybe someone from the youth ranks?


He used to on his breakout season; but he has done it less and less


Indeed, he doesn’t have this ability (any more–or ever? could’ve just been a mirage/small sample when he beat his man/dribbled for the youths/when he first broke into the first team), which is another reason why it makes no sense to use this 3-4-3 formation that the manager–who you (the one who knows what he’s talking about when he talks about soccer unlike those armchair idjyets on this forum!) defend to the death–defends to the death. Especially considering Kolasinac isn’t especially a winger with much dribbling or offensive potency to his game, even if he’s more accomplished in this sense than Bellerín.

Watching this game was maddening, it was crying out for another offensive player to combine with Alexis and Iwobi and reduce the spaces between (linking) players for combination in the #10 space between Ramsey and Lacazette, but Wenger will persist with this stupid formation not for any tactical reason or anything we’re seeing on the pitch of any concrete worth but because of a fluky run last season and vague ‘tactical solidity’, which marries perfectly with Wenger’s vague tactical understanding.


I was being sarcastic and basically agree with you. The whole point I was making is that we need a guy like Nelson playing there. Although for some reason the forum has a meltdown when we actually play a creative guy in that position.


He gets on the end of some sublime passes, squared up perfectly for a shot on goal but tends to look up for a man more often than not. It’s really frustrating as this is a pretty common route in our build up :bellerin:


No, Nelson is a misfit for that position, that’s a waste of his talent, and it doesn’t make sense developing him there. How about—shock and awe!—just using a formation (4-3-3)that suits our talents better as the primary formation, solving the tactical issues that the 3-4-3 gimmick is meant to cover up through better coaching, and occasionally using a 3-4-3 when the occasion actually demands it.


Called out 343 boring & shite before it was cool to do so.


I don’t mind it with our first 11, Wengers reluctance to go away from it in Europa has been annoying though.