Héctor Bellerin (2)


I can’t always deign to diffuse my high level humour to the masses, James.


I think we should institute a club-wide ban on getting players with any links to Barcelona whatsoever.


Don’t like these words. Hector :sanchez2:


I really do think Bellerin is (slighty) overrated. This is not Cesc, van Persie or even Nasri leaving.


He’s a good player but if another club want to buy him for 50m or more, then sell him.
There’s no point in having a player that’s not happy here.


Only because he’s not world class right now but the potential is there so it’s not far off tbh.

In two to three years he’ll possibly be talked about as perhaps one of the top three RB’s in world football.


He should be second choice next season due to the passionate way Ox has responded to the wing back role.

Not to mention it will give him more time to model that gigantic head of his while wearing hideous clothes.


Yeah. I really stuggle to see that kind of talent in him.


The talent is obvious tbh and he’s demonstrated it plenty.

He’s been not at his best since coming back from injury earlier in the season but his form prior to that was outstanding.


Didn’t Fabregas have 6 years to run on his contract ? We still got fleeced on that deal from Barca.


We did tie that super awesome first refusal/buy back clause into it though.




It was long as fuck tbh without being pedantic.


Well he had several years to run from my understanding.


I just answer the questions that get asked. :grin:


he signed an 8 year deal in 2006, after that I think he may have signed a new deal in 2008

Must be 4 years at least.


Fair enough Irishdiscobot.



I dream a CEO who denies the rumors, reminds the contract signed by Hector and tells Barça to fuck off.

I dream his return instead of the american bald…


Meh if he wants to go let him go. He ain’t no Fabregas.


For £50m.

Ox takes rwb as his own.