Héctor Bellerin (2)

Arsenal Football Club can finally start to heal after he leaves

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Anyone knows where Bellerin might be heading?
Which top clubs could use a RB right now?

ask @BigWeng_4LYFE he knows everything.

Lmaoo awww don’t be a sad boi :pensive:

I’ll make the start.
Atleti, Madrid, PSG, Inter and Bayern may be looking into him.
Spurs and Man Utd will be looking for a right back too but I doubt we’ll be negotiating with then.

Straight swap with Hakimi if he does go to Inter please

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Having watched him for so many years, I would say he’s heading down a blind alley.


A whole lot of rambling, the interviewer has to cut him off multiple times to get to the fucking point.
Delusional analysis of the game and as always excuses.

Sounds to me like Hector is more happy to be back to the side than sad with how poorly we performed again.

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Fabrizio indicating that Arteta and Arsenal are the ones that are pushing Bellerin out.

@Phoebica how do you feel about Arteta and Arsenal pushing Hector out of the side like this?

I’m not a big fan personally. It’s very out of the blue. Why did he stick with him before and now they decided he’s not good enough?

Saving him for the big match v Slavia Prague. Sensible decision to rest him today IMO.


Exactly he’s not been pushed out of the team at all. The second there’s an important match Bellerin is right back in the team.


He’s in my FPL team :pensive:

Why? He’s not even in mine :rofl:


Even YouTube recommendations are cruel. And if my day is spoilt, so is yours.
The very first counterattack

Bellerin :expressionless:

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I swear every time I watch an Arsenal training video Hector can’t stop grabbing his balls.
Fucking Christ lad, there’s cameras.

Nope. He’s going Phoebe.

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@LordBendtner can we end Anti-Bellerin alliance?
Guy is leaving this summer.
He has been a great servant at the club.

Bellerin is off

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