Héctor Bellerin (2)

Vice president says there’s a chance he could return.

And so it begins. Maybe Spain won’t make the next WC though and there won’t be an opportunity for scumbags like Pepe Reina to put Barca shirts on him.


They don’t realise most of his Barca DNA has been replaced by that cockney acccent he’s gained :wenger:

Did anyone see he wants to challenge Usain Bolt to a 40m race?


He is extremely young and has plenty of time to improve but I think he is overrated at this point. His crossing and final ball is so poor. His crosses tend to be speculative floaters rather than the harder hit looping balls that are truly dangerous. And on both pullbacks and crosses he often just seems to think “Fuck it, I’ll just hit this thing into the box and hope something happens” rather than actually try to pick out a man.


Meh not really worried about him leaving I just hope if if does we get a good fee. £30m+ hopefully. You can find lots of good talent at fullback for peanuts

What frustrates me is he’s simplified his game so much that he doesn’t use his technique to dribble ever. His offensive movements are very predictable and simplified, but it’s not reflective of the qualities he has as an attacker. I think a lot of it will have to with the fact that he’s expending a lot of energy on defence so when he gets the ball in advanced positions he doesn’t have the energy to really be creative. That’s also a structural problem, as we don’t control games enough for him not to be running up and down the pitch all match.


This is Barca we’re talking about…if he should go for 30 million you bet your arse we’ll let him go for 15 million.

Yeah, our Hector is more londonder than @Persona by now :ozil2:

Ain’t nobody more London than me fam blud init mate.

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Doubt it. Apart from Cesc and Henry, they’ve paid over the odds for all the players we’ve sold to them. Hell, they’ve paid for almost half of our stadium building cost over the last decade or so

Fair enough :wilshere:

A “legend” now, a “cunt” in 3 years when he’s playing in Spain? :joy: Will some people ever learn

For what it’s worth, I think we’ll get another 2 seasons at least out of him, depends if his ascent continues at the same pace, or if the Cuntalans find someone else to spend their tapping up energies on.


Sssssssssss JUDAS Sssssssssss. :snake::snake: :snake: :snake:

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I think Pep will go big for him next summer, and it’s be hard for us to compete with the lure of playing under Guardiola.

That could be his own problem, or we don’t coach him good enough

Thought he was fantastic today. That pace sprint for the tackle on Pedro. :clap:


He’s so damn good, love him

Fantastic tackle by Bellerin 👏🏻 pic.twitter.com/R1yvYUXPyd

— Terje (@ArsenalTerje) September 24, 2016

That tackle on Pedro was fantastic.

Great pass for Theo’s goal. Young man is quickly becoming one of the top backs in the EPL.