Héctor Bellerin (2)

Would love for PSG to come in for him. Take them to the cleaners.

Perfect time to sell. Still got a reputation but we know that his body will never let him be the explosive modern full back he once was.

Bellerin is one of those players that unfortunately is the reason we are in 8th / 9th. We keep holding on to the idea he will get back to his best when the reality is that he’s become bang average. Need to wake up and smell the Gucci


I hate you all


Bellerin’s in his first full season after a long term injury. He might not get back to his best, but it’s too early to tell right now. But if he has lost the top end pace he probably is done as a top fullback (if he ever was)

Bellerin definitely fits that expensive PSG signing that will get benched by a French wonderkid mold.

RIP Bellerin’s PL Career


I actually feel bad for Bellerin right now.

Arteta saying he’s a bit shit and then his replacement scoring within minutes of coming on. That’s rough.

Why, because Cedric scored a flukey deflected goal?! You know, it’s not actually the RB’s job to score goals.

Which part of the RBs job is Bellerin good at tho?




Tree planting

Training photos

Quick someone add to the list before @Phoebica breaks the chain

Edit: too late

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You are all being dicks! Bellerin is one of the good guys. It’s great having him represent our club. You’re all disrespecting him big time. He deserves better!

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As a person, he’s a top man. Can’t fault him.

But as a RB for my club, not anymore thanks. Football is brutal. He’s lost his pace and attacking prowess that made him wanted by the likes of Barca. Time to go :pray:


100% this

As a person, you’re an OK man.

But as a fan of my club, not anymore thanks. Football is brutal. You’ve lost the tiny bit of intelligence that made you wanted on the board. Time to go :pray:

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I had intelligence :heart_eyes::hugs:


Being a high profile SJW

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He can pull off the short buzzcut look really well.


Only RB job Hector is good at is aRBoretum’s :grin::+1:

And Hector isn’t a good guy he’s a pompous douche bag who tries to make himself famous off the back of a fleeting football career to the detrement of our club so he can fuck out.

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Cedric starts. Somebody check on Phoebica. :rofl:

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