Héctor Bellerin (2)

Maybe Barcelona could be interested, they’ve made a lot of suspect transfers in the last few years

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Go back to the bluebird.

They always get linked with ex players but it’s pretty telling there’s been nothing with Bellerin for at least 3-4 years now :weary:

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Yeah I think the only club worse run than Barcelona right are unfortunately us

Ppl still think he’s good cuz of the name, so we def need to cash in while ppl are still oblivious to how shit he is.

The best thing for Bellerin would be a move to a bigger better club and he’s the profile that can get it.

Yep, with fans who appreciate him

Bellerin of 5 years ago would walk into most teams in Europe. That’s undeniable.

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Bellerin of now would walk into most teams in Europe

I’m just not seeing it Phoebs, sorry :grin:

I miss 2014-16 Hector :pensive:

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Factually I guess that is true when you think of how many teams there are in Europe and how many leagues.

But I’d rather the bar be higher than who could or could not get into Slovan Bratislava’s first XI.

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Liam > Noel >>>>>>>>>>>>> Sean


Of course the fashion merchant wants to go to Paris

this is a joke ^ @Phoebica

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Looked on Sean’s timeline and couldn’t see anything. All for that move though if it means getting Aarons from Norwich.

Paris would mean a nice decent fee as well :money_mouth_face:

I think it’s time for him to move on and find a different team to reinvigorate his career. He’s lost a yard of pace and it’s seriously impacting his game now and his lack of real quality in the final third is concerning too.

I’ve long championed holding onto Bellerin but he’s an asset we could still easily command £30m for so I wouldn’t be against cashing in on him.



Not convinced of Aarons.
Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a good talent but I fear Norwich will require more than he’s actually worth.

Bellerin is current day Eboue. Fucked up for us is we never found his Sagna.

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