Héctor Bellerin (2)

Look, if people aren’t going to be nice then can you all get out of my house. You’re not welcome here.


I really really want him to be good

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He was Oakay (I haven’t even watched the game).



Mr XhakaOut should focus on not being a dickhead.

More like Bellerin is average at his job. Poor Pepe, hasn’t been the same since Maitland-Niles stopped pairing with him. Hell, Chambers offered more to Pepe than Bellerin.


Saw this tweet earlier, was kinda hoping no one on here would see it

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It’s because Bellerin can’t pass. He can barely dribble or run too. Actually don’t know what he best trait is anymore.


Hector has been living off a ton of goodwill from Arsenal for a while now. I think this was the season where a majority of Arsenal fans woke up.

He probs has the same status as Iwobi when you think about it.


One of Hector’s best attributes used to be his passing.

That’s worrying but also something I hope will get better as that is something he used to be good at before.

Think it’s purely a systematic thing. We seem to favour the left when ‘building’ attacks.


Agreed, but that’s by design because the Bellerin-Pepe combo has been dead. It was highlighted when Saka was out for a short period before the pandemic and we had to rely on them to create. I would say it’s more 70-30 in favour of the left side to create now.
Unfortunately that 30% goes to waste as the attempts to start something from the right the past matches have been subpar.

Klopp would of made him a vastly different player than the one he is now.
Whatever his lapses now, he’s a top pro. They’d of bought into each other. Alas…

So, hang on, are you saying he is world class? But just needs the right manager?

I can get on board with that.

I’m saying he’s a good pro who has declined. If Klopp had come in 2015 I think he’d of reached a very high standard. Don’t see that happening under Arteta. Think he could resurrect his career by moving abroad.

Do you guys think Bellerin will stay and fight for his position or will he jump ship? If so, where?

Paris or Milan

He can go wherever. Anyone would take him. He is good enough.


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You didn’t fix it. You changed it to meet your jealous agenda