Héctor Bellerin (2)


So recently I’ve seen him pop up more in peoples list of defenders to hang on to. Has the feeling changed on him or are our defensive options so pathetic we have no choice? Feels a lot more like the latter.


Defensive options are so pathetic and at least Bellerin is relatively young and offers a fair chunk going forward.


I think Bellerin has had a good season so far.

Hatred towards him completely overblown in the first place - glad to see him answer his critics on the pitch not give a fuck about them off it.


I’ve re-read the post and on reflection I have no problem with it.

Thanks man x


Think he is basically the ideal right back for an Emery system and when Emery brings in the kind of wide players he likes then we’ll start to see just what Bellerin brings to the table.

But replacing him is literally the least of our worries anyway. We’ve got a GK, CB, LB, CM, RW and LW to prioritise before we think about RB.


It’s a fucking worry isn’t it ? We legitimately need to find 6 or 7 starters before we can think about winning a league title.


It’s a worry but its once that will require a lot of patience and some dilligence in the transfer market.

If you compare the Liverpool team when Klopp arrived to the team now it’s a vastly different team so it can be done. I think maybe not to the scale that they accomplished but it’s possible.


ffs we have a :bellend: now. This guy better perform in the coming games lol


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Not from me. I think he is still useless and part of exodus that needs to happen.




Fashion choices put aside, I think he is a good RB to have got in our team. Also can’t think of anyone that would be available and an upgrade on him.





Non contact knee injury. See you next season Hector. Anyways upside for him is now he’ll have time to focus on his real passion, we’ll be seeing him at a lot of fashion shows.


Fuck off. Why does this have likes. Do you people not understand how essential Hector is to our team?

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:notes: Are you Maverick in disguise? :notes:


Have your likes but you won’t be laughing when we don’t have our first choice RB for the rest of the season and have to rely on Lich and Jenko :+1:


I dunno looks like AMN slotted right in. His cieling is higher than Bellerin anyways.


We can always beat Emery with sticks


Hopefully the touch of God will aid his recovery :cry: