Héctor Bellerin (2)


You can see it in his eyes. Slightly dilated, means he loves the camera pointing at him and the horror he causes the loyal fans. Disgustingly cocky.


Those hats look like mini buckets stuck on their heads. Like kids pretending to be soldiers or something…look utter numpties!


When I see him all I can think of is this


I get more Kevin and Perry vibes, he’s definitely an inspiration to young chavs/love islanders everywhere.


I literally got puke in my mouth when a saw the pictures. Lets hope he gets a good bollocking next time he visits the pub.


Fashion is just like defensive positioning… you just have it or not.


He dresses like “bitch! I am so cool” :xhaka2:

Having said that, we are missing him as player.


This is far too good of an opportunity not to pass up his excellent fashion sense for OA’s benefit :bellend:



You need to bring back the Eboue emoji as well. While you’re at it, you can have a section for old Arsenal player emoji’s. :slight_smile:


You guys read my mind :smiley:


LOLLLLLLLLLLL! That’s something special :bellend:


You know how it is, we aim to please here on OA :smiley: The response has been awesome.

@jmb27 I’d suggest digging out the emoji’s thread and post any suggestions you want to see in there mate.


This…will…get…used…a…lot :bellend:


I love how much it riles people. Makes me love r’Hec even more tbh.




Stop plz Luca.

See what you have done @Bl1nk @Mysty


This is my point in the post that Trion tried to burn me for haha

Edit: Just went back and looked. Ugh, 8 likes, you lil bitches


Bellerin look like an inbred Hillbilly with that mustache and fit.




Snowflake :wink: