Héctor Bellerin (2)


You expected him to wear baggies and flip flops to train?


I expect at least some sunglasses


Or a colourful hairband. Disappointing.


The hair though lads. Vegan Sassoon.


Could’ve at least Dali’d his moustasche.


I expect him to show up in a velour sweat suit.


the clothing, this has surely gotta trigger @Luca_from_Italy


I jus dress better than him. That’s it.


I think most people do tbh, the 1st pic makes me think he is trying to be boy george.


If not the clothing, maybe this :mustafi:

Arsenal’s 23-year-old Spanish defender Hector Bellerin, who is out injured, spent Saturday at a London Fashion Week show rather than watching his side’s FA Cup tie at Blackpool.




This shit makes me like him so much more than I would do otherwise.

Outrageous clobber and I love how it seems to trigger some people.



It’s utterly fantastic how older guys get so triggered at a young guy in his 20’s dress sense.

Get a fucking life :joy::joy:


Anyone notice that defenders of the legend are cool dudes like Jake and Cal?


What a fekin disgrace. Bin this twat asap. Maitland Niles is better at RB anyway. anything over 15m and he can go.


That coat cost 15m mate. Gonna take some more coin than that to buy our hector. :heart_eyes:


sell the coat too.


Mickey Pearce left Peckham and Del and Rodney just shake their heads.


Christ! So cocky!


How does that make him cocky haha