Health and Fitness thread

Seen two people in it today but that’s the first time I’d seen anyone in it.

It’s not a bad idea of a gym of this scale, there’s legit about 7-8 different shops here in the form of protein stores, clothing stores and eateries.

How long did your gym based one last?

My steps get better month by month as we got closer to spring. :joy:

January was non existent as my office was closed till February. So I really wasn’t taking my phone anywhere to get the steps up :joy:


Fernandes took more steps in the run up to his penalty yesterday


Lost a lot of motivation and fitness since covid. Other than just getting back out and doing it anyone any tips for getting yourself out of a funk?

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Let it warm up a bit more.

When the mornings are warm you’ll literally want to run.

Trust me.


Easier said than done in this day and age I know but leave your watch off and go shorter and slower.
I use too use parkrun for this. Just do a couple of slower runs a week and start at the back saturday and basically enjoy the fact that your running within yourself. Also gives you a bit of perspective on others and maybe help someone out in the last lap or so.


But…my data!!! :grin:


Honestly what helps me is watching like motivational sports documentaries or other films.

Like the last dance helped me.

Also seeing something with your desirable body shape at least helps me, contextualises your goals a bit. Or at least my own goals.

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If its not on Strava. . .Seriously though people forget how much of a simple pleasure a run or small circuit is.
A bit like when your phone dies and your not looking at dumb texts questions from home about what you want for tea.


Hit the weights for the first time since pre-COVID yesterday. Worked my chest and tris.

Felt dead good after a 3.2k run/sprint to warm up.

Still, clearly, a lot more work to do, though

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Yeah I’ve been harping on about peoples shit diets and lack of exercise for some time.

Roughly about 6 months. Business-wise, it actually did relatively well. We had a good name in the industry and the main barber we had working it was a gym regular.

The main problem was that the gym owner was a clueless dope and didn’t really do much to facilitate things between us and the gym and so we just ended up not re-signing when the initial 6-month lease expired.

We wanted it to be a collaboration between both parties and it kinda just ended up being a way for the gym owner to get a bit more money in the coffers via rent.

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No chance of wearing my Arsenal tracksuit top for the gym today is the. Pricks.

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Do it anyway, man. Fuck em.

You’ve been Arsenal way longer than this current incumbent of no hopers stepping up (or stepping down, rather) v Spurs.

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This is why retro is good. It links you to better days. :yum:

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I’ve got a 1971 full sleeved home jersey and a 1979 away cup final shirt for days like this

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Anyone ever had an injury where it feels like a stiff shoulder strain which developed on Wednesday morning and in the last 24 hours it seems to have moved to the lower right side of my neck ? It’s bloody annoying, hurts to turn my head and making sleeping a little restless.

You slept weird. That’s the only time I get that kind of pain lol