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This of course was no concern to me in 2012.

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So true. I did the gait analysis with Asics and loved my Gel-Kayano 22 runners. Bought 2 pair, so they lasted for a while. Sadly went and got a newer version during lockdown, so purchased online, they sure don’t have the support my old ones had. They feel so hard. Couldn’t get comfortable running in them at all. I really don’t understand why they have to make changes every year.

Gone back to swimming now with pools open after a few running injuries sustained after changing my shoes. Better than pounding the pavement for my body at least. Feels food.

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Any advice on decent shampoos to counteract the chlorine? My hair is getting WRECKED right now.

Next time I head back to the States to visit family, I’m stocking up on Ultraswim. Sadly, people selling it over here are marking it up like crazy. It’s normally around $5 and I can’t find it for less than £20. I’ve gone to Triswim for now. It’s the best I’ve tried over here so far. You can get it on Amazon. I let the shampoo sit whilst I wash my body and then rinse. Feel like it gives it some time to work. I also use the conditioner which is pretty decent. I’ve got the body wash as well and I’m not really sold on it. It’s okay, but doesn’t seem to really get rid of the chlorine smell from the skin for the price.

I’m still using Olaplex no. 3 at least once a week, usually at the weekend as I only swim during the week. It’s hair treatment. I apply to damp hair and let it sit for at least 5 minutes, then rinse and wash as usual. This tends to help replenish and could be a different brand. I use Olaplex as it was recommended for waving/curly hair. I’ve started to get a treatment when I get my hair cut (about every 8-10 weeks) as well and it really helps. I also colour my hair, so started the Olaplex treatment some time ago now and sticking with it.

I bought the Sink or Swim shampoo bar and conditioner bar, but I haven’t tried it yet. If it works it will save me loads. I paid about £7 for both and it will last longer. I need to buy a container for it so I can try it out. Strong sent thought from the box, so we’ll see. Another that has been recommended is Paul Mitchell clarifying three shampoo. Again, haven’t tried, but probably will at some point. I’ve used Paul Mitchell before and it’s generally good, just never tried this for swimming.

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I had been using a loreal kids chlorine shampoo which was fine but Target suddenly stopped carrying it after the summer. I didn’t really want to spend $25 on a tiny bottle of some fancypants shampoo unless it really worked. I already get trolled in my house for spending more on hair care products than Meredith does.

Well, if you’re in the States, then you could try the Ultraswim. I used to use it and remember it being quite good. For around $5 (depending on sales tax), it’s worth a try.

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