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Anyone recommend owt on Peloton?

I’ve signed up to the app for a month

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I like that bird who says hello to ‘Smudge’ I thought she was talking to Alan ‘which way shall I put it Smith

Triceps with chest is a good switch .
Biceps with back
Legs only , the times I’ve been sick on leg days .
Diet is very interesting to me . Lots of easy carbs .
Very interesting as I so badly miss the gym , diet and discipline.
Do you take amino acids or do you rely on good diet to get these ?

Wait, which bird?

Is smudge the Indian bird from the advert?

That’s the one !
I didnt like to say Indian bird as it would be racist in today’s language but yes it’s the fit Indian bird with the sweaty breasts


I drink EAA as my intra workout drink with 1.5l of water. A scoop of it does the job for me.

I’m on a very particular block atm trying to prioritise growth of chest and legs. Not much delts for me as my shoulders are big and my traps are quite overpowering.

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So the bird who says hello to her is a London lass. I’ve done one of her classes. The 30 min spin class to UK Garage music.

Ironic really, as the bike is in the garage now.

What are you doing for your legs ?
Hamstrings and quads ?

Day 3 - Hamstrings & Quads

Seated hamstring curl (Focus – squeeze & control – wake the hamstrings up to start the session)

Set 1 – 20 reps

Set 2 – (progress weight) – 15 reps

Wide smith (Focus - progressive overload)

Set 1 – 6-8 reps

Set 2 – 10-12

Set 3 – 12-15

Hack squat

Set 1 – 8-10 (heaviest set)

set 2 – (progress weight – microload – 5-10kg) – 6-8 reps

set 3 – reduce load – 20 reps, (10 = 3 second negative, 10 equal normal tempo pump reps)

set 4 – same as set 3

Lying hamstring curl (Focus – contractions)

Set 1 – 15 reps (1 second pause & 3 second negative, 10 second stretch at the bottom of the movement once 15 reps are completed, then half reps till failure)

Set 2 – 10-12 reps (1 second pause & 3 second negative, 10 second stretch at the bottom of the movement once 15 reps are completed, then half reps till failure)

Set 3 – 8-10 reps (1 second pause & 3 second negative, 10 second stretch at the bottom of the movement once 15 reps are completed, then half reps till failure)

Leg press (Focus – heavy load & then drop set a heavy load) – normal foot stance

Set 1 – 8-10

Set 2 – (progress weight – 10-12)

Set 3 – 10-12, DS, 10-12, DS – 10-12

Walking lunges SS Smith RDL

2 x fail - set 1 & 2 (progress weight between set 1 & 2 – Pause at the bottom of the rep for half a second – on both lunges and RDL

Leg ext (Focus – forcing muscle adaptations)

Set 1 – 6x4 (Progressive overload)

Set 2 – 10 reps, DS, 10 reps, DS, 10 reps (5 squeeze & 5 pump)


Quads & Hamstrings
Leg ext (Focus – Load & forcing adaptations)

Set 1 – 20 reps (moderate weight – not a warm up, this is a work set)

Set 2 – 15 reps (progress weight from previous set)

Set 3 – 12 reps (progress weight from previous set)

Set 4 – 8, DS, 8, DS, 8 (Last 8 = 4 squeeze at the top & 4 pumps)

Smith back squat/Back squat

Set 1 – 10-12 reps

Set 2 – 6x4 – Cluster set with weight from set 1

Dead stop (pause at the bottom of the movement – 1-2 seconds) - Hack squat or v squat (Focus - progress weight work sets – in a progressive overload manor)

Set 1 – 10 reps

Set 2 – 10 reps

Set 3 – 10 reps (heaviest top set) – DS, 8 Reps, DS, 8 Reps

Single leg ext (Focus – cell swelling)

Set 1 – 15 (squeeze at top of every rep & the point of contraction)

Set 2 – 8-10 (progress weight)

Adductor (Focus – contraction & stretch)

Set 1 – 6x4 (10 second rest in point of contraction)

Set 2 – 15-20, DS – 10, DS - 10

Single leg ham curl – 2’s release from point of contraction

(Focus – squeeze & controlling negatives)

Set 1 – 12-15 (squeeze at the top of every rep at point of contraction)

Set 2 – Same as set 1 (progress the weight)

Frog press wide hamstring press (Focus – Progress each set)

Set 1 – 12-15

Set 2 – 12-15

Set 3 – max, rest, max, rest, max

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We own a Peloton treadmill. I’m obsessed with it. :bellcry:

Peloton looks like awesome kit, I was thinking about buying their stock a while back. They had some really bad publicity recently where their treadmills maimed and killed some toddlers who were playing with it unsupervised. The kids actually got sucked up under it and there was no fail safe, it was pretty hairy stuff.

Treadmills and gym equipment in general is incredibly dangerous and adults fuck themselves up with it on a daily basis so I can’t imagine letting a child nevermind a toddler use it freely. Regardless it hit the company pretty hard for a while but I think they issued a recall for some of their devices and took responsibility where they probably didn’t need to.

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You’ll be pleased no doubt @Phoebica :grin:


Yeah, though I might have to walk the first one having done pretty much no exercise for about 6 months :sweat_smile:


You’re still young. You’ll be fine. You should have heard the creaking when I finally started swimming again. It sounded like unfolding an old metal chair.


Think it will get back by a few weeks but the fact things are in place is the main thing though.



One is not amused


I’m so unhealthy. Just did a 20km cycle and it has fucked me up


Just got a bit fitter by doing that. Well done.