Health and Fitness thread

Girl I know goes to the one in Farringdon, looks absolutely amazing.

Gyms not bad either.


I’ve never felt DOMs like this in my life.

My body is in pieces after Monday - Wednesday training. Did chest/shoulders, back/arms and then quads and calves yesterday.

I’m broken right now I can barely move. Anybody else struggling lol


Must be a great feeling, bet you’re secretly loving that soreness haha

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It’s a good feeling after not training for 4 months but didn’t anticipate the beating my body has taken lol

You still steering clear of the gyms? I remember you saying you were happy with your routine

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Struggling…with the gyms still being closed ffs.

Oh damn. How long for now? Grassroots football is back here, played today (been playing 2-3 times a week) and gym 24 hours back to normal.

Life’s not the same without the ability to keep fit, healthy and look/feel good.


I’m tempted to get back to the gym soon but a few things are holding me back:

1.) I’ve enjoyed saving the money every month
2.) I’ve got a rotator cuff injury I’m seeing a specialist about in a couple of weeks so want to wait until that gets treated
3.) Pretty happy working out at home - even though my closest gym is a 5-10 min walk away it’s been so nice just rolling out of bed and going out into the garden to do some workouts

I’ll probably end up going back eventually as I do miss it though, and don’t feel like I’m building strength the same I can in the gym

Honestly mate, rely the rotator cuff injury heal before going back. Not that you’re asking for my opinion, but I had a really bad impingement and rotator cuff injury which plagued me for so long.

4 months off the gym, no lifting weights, eating well, looking after my joints and a few deep tissue massages and some basic stretching movements and I’m totally injury free now.

Best thing you can do when it comes to RC. Such an important injury to not ignore.

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Yeah thanks for the heads up man, I’ve heard that before from a few people. I’ve been trying to manage it as well as possible while also not getting to sedentary.

I can’t run now either as my doctor thinks I have Illiotebial Band Syndrome so I’ve also got a referral to a physio now for that :joy:

30 has hit me like a ton of bricks lol

I’m so prone to weight gain though, so I can’t stop working out completely. I’d just go absolutely mad.

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Yeah 30 really does hit you lol. I used to be able to go boxing, play football and then also live a normal student life of no sleep and loads of drinking / partying and recover in no time.

One heavy night of drinking now and I’m finished for the weekend.

Just rest up I guess bro. The knee will recover well if you don’t overwork it so maybe just stick to cardio that isn’t too tough on the knee joints like some brisk walking and keep the diet in check I guess for now!


Ahh yeah you’re right, so frustrating. Right in time for all the eating and drinking of re-opening and summer lol

Since mid-december. It’s really starting to get on my nerves tbh.

I went gym twice last week and had incredible DOMS. Played football the past two Friday’s as well and now my lower back is in bits. Had to go for a deep tissue massage which was bliss though.

Too much too fast atm. Need to ease into it but I don’t have a cruising gear lol.

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