Health and Fitness thread

Was roasting here today and I’m on annual leave for the next two weeks :heart_eyes: so took advantage of the weather and done a 12k walk.


Legs are feeling it today :joy::joy::joy:

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Ran 8 miles to work and the shower room was locked. :roll_eyes:


You have shower rooms at work? That’s cool. One place I worked had everything, including a gym! But most places I worked at had nothing of the sort. I used to go running at lunch time sometimes and would go into the gym round the corner (where I was a member obviously) just to shower :smile:

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We have gym facilities but I get a better deal outside tbh.

What’d you do???

Sink job. Had enough wash stuff and only skeleton staff in…
Staying socially distancing though for the lads sake.

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Rough. I’ve been there. It ain’t pretty. :bergkamp2:

I ruptured my calf muscle and I can honestly say I’ve never had pain like it . My calf went black , orange, red then blue . I’ve now got a walnut size lump as a reminder. Christ Stroller, I’ve never had pain like it .

That sounds horrendous mate. Pain of that magnitude is psychologically massive as much as anything else.

You ain’t kidding
A couple of years ago I had plantar fasciitis
Fuck me , a ruptured calf was painful but planter was spawned from Satan . My only comfort was a pair of safety Wellingtons from screwfix . I would wish planter fasciitis on my worse enemy unless they played for Liverpool

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Policeman’s heel?


I’ve not heard that phrase but Christ the pain, if I remember it’s the tendons underneath the foot . :exploding_head: