Health and Fitness thread

Dartitis. It was sad seeing him fall.

As the late, great Sid Waddell said, after Bristow won his first title;

“At the age of 33, Alexander of Macedonia cried salt tears because he had no more worlds left to conquer. Bristow’s only 29.”

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Have you seen Stephen Fry and Sid Waddell at the darts ? Absolutely brilliant. Sid was a legend .

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Yeah that was good. (Having said that, I don’t like it when darts goes too mainstream. They had Freddie Flintoff on commentary once. Why?! He totally ruined the commentary for a 9 dart finish by MvG)

I did 10 minutes of skipping and then 110 Navy seals with 100 sit ups and a 2 minute plank.

Will admit that I do the navy seals in sets of 10 with a short rest period in between each set as my pathetic chest could never handle them without a rest.

I really don’t think feel them much in my legs though, is always my chest and shoulders that are dead afterwards. Legs honestly feel totally fine.


Started doing a mile run around my extremely hilly village. Making sure to sprint the uphill parts where possible but the very last leg is all uphill to my house.

I don’t know why but these fast short runs just make me feel really alive and uplifted and energised after. I’ve brought my time down to just over 7 minutes, aiming for mid 5 minute mark by August. Was very fresh today so shaved 20s off my previous PB.

Figured I’d post all this here or it never happened and doesn’t count.

In amongst lifting every day and skating when the weathers good, I think I’m gonna look great come end of August/mid September


love the optimism bro.

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Thanks man, that said, I do want legs like shortass ex hockey player Martin St Louis, absolute beast. AmaZing skater too. image


So apparently I don’t listen to my own advice… :cloud_with_rain:


It’s good to see someone who trains with a set of legs to match the upper body .
God have I been sick training legs .
I’ve known the times I couldn’t sit on the bog for a crap . I’ve slept in my gym gear and gone to work with trousers on top .
Squats are King
Lunges are the shape definer :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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You ever watched the Leroy Davis and Dorian Yates videos?

Probably the greatest training videos ever

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He regularly trained at a gym not too far from me in his glory days. But yeah those guys can fucking lift

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dorian at a questions and answer seminar . He was absolutely enormous, he sat in a seat and his quads were literally over the top of the table .
One bloke asked him if he took up Bodybuilding because he had a girls name :roll_eyes:
Dorian has a lot of very good YouTube videos on life after tearing his arm muscle .
I can’t begin to tell you how big he was . He was e-fucking-normous.
Have you seen Ronnie Coleman :pensive::pensive::pensive:
One rep to many while squatting .
Sad sad sad



Got wrecked this morning. Humidity was at 70%. Thought you’d appreciate it. :hipster:


Solid effort mate in what sounds challenging conditions.

Incredible pace fella.

Do you mind me asking how old you are?

32, just old enough to be considered washed up by football standards :ozil:

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Bloody hell!

You’re running like a 19 year old

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13 km in 53 is a solid sprint and your splits are consistent

Your still eligible for the retro top though.


Been back in the gym this week. Finding I haven’t lost anywhere near as much strength as I thought I might. Smashed the 50s on dumbbell chest press, still strong on shoulders and back I’m still pulling heavy weight.

But fuck my legs took a beating. My adductors are gone, my hamstrings are weak. The size of my legs prior to lockdown was something I prized myself on but they’re gone.

Let’s see how my muscle memory holds up