Health and Fitness thread

Fucking phenomenal!

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Are they the pictures you send to girls on Instagram to get them to sleep with you? :smile:

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Haha it’s on my actual Instagram feed :joy:

I know there are fat shops but where do guys with shoulders the width of a bus buy their t-shirts?

Looking forward to seeing the end results mate!

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How do you advise going about stubborn love handles and lower back fat? My body seems to cling onto it no matter how hard I shred.

I’m pretty happy with my physique and I work out 5 days a week so my body fat % is relatively low but those sides of mine love me too much and want to hold on.

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Where fat is stored and consumed depends on genetics, localized fat burn is a myth so the only option is diet, cardio and/or increase your base metabolic rate(getting jacked).


Pretty much the above. It’s a bitch.

Add in more Abs days too


Like has been said, you can’t isolate where your body burns fat. I can be real lean and still cling onto some love handles and it’s only when I start to get super diced that I don’t really see it anymore.

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Cheers guys. I actually knew body fat wasn’t something you could spot burn haha.

Just a tad frustrating as I’m already quite a low fat, stripping to something even lower feels hard as I’m quite happy with the size of my upper frame and fear of going weedy (even when going denser on muscle mass).

Sounds like you need some Tren buddy

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Just got to train those obliques to mask it I guess.

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I hear you…but if you happen on a cheat code let us know :smiley:

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Vegan and organic


Thats my favourite pre workout ! :giroud2:


8 weeks of test and Tren and you’ll be so lean your skin will be paper thin lol

In all seriousness though, you have to be prepared to sacrifice some muscle if you want to get lean as a natural gym goer. You have to be on gear to really maintain most of your muscle when you’re cutting weight.

I think realistically I probably gain minimal amounts of muscle now training as a natural.

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Unwanted breakup couple with silent treatment is the best diet plan ever

So I recently got one of those Smart Scales at home and I’ve been weighing myself several times a week to get a fairly consistent read on my weight as I haven’t tracked my weight at all for the last 18 months ever since moving to London.

I looked back at my details in my little gym book from when I lived in Bath 18 months ago and sad to say over the course of the last year and a half I have put on 5kg (so just shy of a stone). I’ve gone from 69kg to 74kg.

I can believe it, but this has really hurt my confidence and taken the wind out of my sails today. Like genuinely feel depressed about it.

It’s totally my own fault. Working long hours in banking meant I picked up a lot of bad stress and comfort eating habits, eating out much more, unhealthy drinking habits from colleagues, drinking at home, not having time for the gym.

It’s entirely my fault but fuck, I haven’t felt this low in months.

The fat distribution is entirely on my stomach and love handles, none on my legs or arms or face etc. and I think that’s why I was able to live in denial over the last while as I’d always carried a little bit of weight there.

Ever since I started my new job, I’ve been really good at hitting the gym 4-6 times a week and there’s definitely been some muscle gain as well as my polos fit tighter in my arms etc than they have before and I’ve noticed some gains on my arms and shoulders but most of the weight gain is definitely fat.

I’m just really down about it but I guess I’ve made the first step which is getting back into a consistent gym routine and the second step is now realising that I have absolutely put on fat and now I need to take the right measures to deal with it.

I struggle horrifically with the drinking culture though. I drink casually so much more than I ever did in Bath/Bristol. Every time I meet with a client, colleague or friend it’s always drinks related and never just one or two. If I drink a vodka + soda then I’m a little bitch, if I drink a vodka on the rocks, I’m an alcoholic and it’s weird and if I drink lime + soda then again I’m a pussy. Only pints or rum + coke are acceptable basically and it’s killing me. I need to quit drinking at home as well. Gotten too easy just to grab a whiskey or something if I’m at home and bored waiting for my girlfriend to get home from work.

How do I cut down on my drinking but also don’t become a boring cunt?

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I’ve been trying intermittent fasting for the past 6 months or so and I really enjoy it, it doesn’t feel like too much of a lifestyle change and it mentally helps me be more conscious of what I’m eating and when.

Fasted cardio and weight lifting feels amazing too and I can’t believe I’ve been working out for so long and completely ignoring my diet, my thought always was that surely by running and exercising I’m doing more than most.

I’ve also completely changed my weight lifting style, I bought some little girl weights and started working on my form and focusing more on the eccentric motions as lazy form on higher weights has taken its toll on my body these last few years.

I follow this guy on youtube at the moment and do his 30 day plans which are mostly dumbell/body weight only. I don’t have time for the gym so these quick yet consistent workouts are brilliant, and you can throw a 25 minute fasted jog on top of them.

Simplicity for me at my age is key.


Even though there’s not a lot of evidence to really suggest fasted is any better than regular cardio - I swear by this and always will.

Fasted cardio is so important in fat loss for me.


I presume waking up and going for a morning run counts as fasted?