Health and Fitness thread

@Cristo be careful when you start to introduce carbs back into diet. You need to start sub 100g then slowly increase carb intake every couple days incrementally whilst maintaining active. Otherwise you’ll easily put on another couple KG.


Ok amazing, that’s really good to know.

So maybe start introducing carbs bit by bit already?

Yeah during my post Keto I started by having weetabix/porridge in mornings and also carbs at lunch but non for dinner in the first week. Then started introducing them throughout the whole day. Just keep an eye on your intake and you’ll be fine. Just try not to sit around all day, which is hard during these times I know.


Ok awesome thanks.

I’ve been doing 20 minutes of skipping everyday and 25-40 minutes of body weight exercises or whatever I can find in the house.

Really wishing I had my own dumbbells now haha


Started one of the beginner home workout videos by the body coach on YouTube today as I need to do excercise otherwise I will feel like shit doing nothing but sitting inside for 12 weeks.

30 on 30 off on a circle of 4 times but I’m taking more than 30 second breaks as I am blowing :joy::joy: gonna try and do it each day and I’ve ordered an excercise bike when ever that comes aswell.

Enjoying it tho. Need to get the heart going or I might have a heart attack :joy:


Gotta start somewhere mate. Good luck Cal. :facepunch:


Did a 2 hour kettlebell training earlier… that’s the only equipment I have at home, a 16 and a 32 kg kettlebell. Took me a while to get going, I really felt shitty at the start… but as I was working I just felt better and better to the point I really had like a dopamine injection somewhere towards the end… trainspotting style… :giroud2: This is best I felt in years. :wenger2:

What I concluded I really need to incorporate this in my regular training after the gym reopens… I’ve only started going to the gym in june last year, and started to train with the KBs a few months before that after an almost 10 year pause from all training. Don’t ask why… but a couple of years ago I just noticed I was starting to lose all shape and I had to do something.
The thing is, I guess, I wanted to do too much too soon in the gym… I almost only do the big compund lifts, low reps… I want to add muscle, losing fat is not a concern for me (although I did get a lof of unnecesary fat at the start, and I lost it easily). And I actually got decent results recently regarding my shape and muscle tone (even with a 3 month break again somehere at the end of the the last summer, I went too heavy too early, man :wenger: )… but I never felt as close as this after a workout, and that’s what I want to change. I’m guessing I don’t do enough volume to get my whole body and circulation really going, I usually only strain myself with the big lifts and I rarely feel energised after workouts and I’ll definitely make some changes. :hipster: Thank you corona I guess :slight_smile: :wenger:

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I’m actually enjoying my body weight work outs.

Something different and hits some other parts of my bodies.

The only thing that really gets me is that I have nowhere to do pull ups. Really wish I could get a pull up bar but I’m not convinced the door frames in my flat would work for them.


Body weight work outs are legit, people turn their nose up at them but pull up variations and muscle ups take some serious strength.


They will. You always think they wont, until you try :slight_smile:


My current home work out:

2 hour walking each day for cardio

Push (Chest and Shoulders)

4 sets of 25 wide press ups
4 sets of 30 side lateral raises (with resistance bands)
4 sets of 15 decline flys (with resistance bands)
4 sets of 30 decline push ups

3 sets of 15 kickbacks (with resistance bands)
3 sets of 20 close grip push ups

Pull (Back and arms)

2 sets of pull ups until failure (if you have a pull up bar)
3 sets of 20 rear delt flys (with resistance bands - slow reps and squeeze)
3 sets of 15 low seated rows (with resistance bands) or bent over dumbbell rows (if you have a dumbbell)
3 sets of 20 strict form bicep curls (using resistance bands or dumbbell)
3 sets of 20 close grip press ups
3 sets of 20 dips


2 sets Walking body weight lunges - failure
2 sets of 20 body weight squats
3 sets of 20 second quad sits
3 sets of squats using any heavy household equipment

3 sets of 45 second planks
2 sets of 50 crunches
3 sets of any oblique workout until failure


And a series of The Shield.



Is the pic a wonky angle or is your TV tilted? Haha



That cable management makes my OCD tingle.


I need resistance bands…

Luckily atm I have a 10kg kettle bell and (upto) 30kg dumbells but still severly miss machines😫

Walking isn’t cardio, unless it’s Nordic walking or involves some level of incline to it

Hit me with a DM bro I should have a spare packet at home can post it to you

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