Harry Kane

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Anyone think of a better player never to win a trophy?
I honestly can’t think of anyone who I’ve seen. Malcolm Macdonald was the nearest I can come up with.
Tom Finney historically would be but that’s before my time.

Di Natale and Le Tissier come to mind.

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I did mean here but fair play. Le Tissier wasn’t better than Kane though.

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Bernd Schneider

From his perspective, it makes sense from a PR standpoint to at least encourage contract talks. It furthers the narrative that you were the loyal club servant who tried his best to stay and whatever offer you get from Spurs can be compared to offers you get from other clubs.

We’ll see what happens next summer. If Spurs implode and Conte leaves then I think he will go to United or Newcastle.

Kane would have been better for City than Haaland in the short term. Far more complete player but who is still a ruthless goalscorer. He might not have had 25 goals at this point of the season, but he’d be on about a 1:1 ratio with the supporting cast all being more productive too.

He’s absolutely fucked his career with that last contract. He only has United or Newcastle as possible destinations. Can’t see a foreign club spending £100m on him, certainly not Bayern. Madrid will want to put that sort of money towards a Mbappe bid.

He’s stuck where he is and he knows it. However, it would be kind of beautiful to see him run down his contract and walk for free. He wastes another year winning fuck all, and his bellowed Spurs get fuck all money.

But yeah, odds are that he extends. He is in his comfort zone at Spurs, no real pressure, adored by their fans and has his legacy secured. He’s had plenty of opportunity to move previously, or at least try harder to force a move, and he’s never done it.

Proper Spursy


Yaya Sanogo

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Didnt he win a FA Cup?

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Better than Kane. Trophies don’t lie.

Congratulations Harry for equalling the late great Jimmy Greaves’s goal record.
Jimmy was , if not one of the greatest goal scorers the game has ever seen .
Kane isn’t good enough to tie Jimmy’s laces but still and achievement.
RIP Jimmy , not only a phenomenal footballer but a wonderful man who fought demons.
In the words of the great man

‘ if I’d have missed the ones I scored and scored the ones I’d missed , I would have broken some records’ Jimmy Greaves

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Hear hear, Ash. Great footballer and arguably the greatest striker the world’s ever seen.

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I can’t take any sides when it comes to Jimmy or the great Pat Jennings

That’s a bold claim I could think of a few which were greater, one died just recently


Really ?
One died before him and he was the best

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That’s why I said it’s arguable. He’s up there with a select few.

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Haha you did I just remember the Pele thread and I think most of us agreed he was probably the greatest person ever to kick a football if not one of the greatest sportsmen

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I always say Pat Jennings was one of the greatest too…arguably

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The greatest’ is always a huge can of worms.
I think it’s the era you have been grown up in.
One of the greatest was Neville Southall it’s what makes football so great