Half-way Point Analysis


I wouldn’t mind suffering too if it meant second place and top of my CL group with a favourable last 16 draw lol


I am not positive at all lol - just trying to keep some positive perspective. I don’t PREDICT we will get 4th, but yeah, I can see Spurs or Pool or even ManU dropping plenty of points… I think we will come 6th right now, but it wouldn’t shock me if we found our way to 4th.



Yeah I agree with that, I think we have about a 1 in 5 chance of finishing top 4.


We don’t have the personnel to stick with 5-2-3. It was a successful short term solution that stopped a rut and won us a cup. This season our midfield has left our defence exposed even against midtable opposition. It’s not working out long term with these players.

We would have more control with a flat 3 in midfield. 4-3-3, 4-3-1-2, 4-1-4-1, whatever we choose to do we would probably be better off with the three in the centre with the players we have. We don’t have the Kante-Matic balance that Chelsea did when they did it nor the full top notch 5 at the back they did.


That looks about right… what is scariest on that chart is a our avg sim points (just under 66!!!)…

Shambles are we.


Out of another competion. This is going to end the worst season under Wenger.


Hopefully his last


My original grading… FUCK

After this game… The team can’t fuck even taking viagra.


How’s it going to be his last ? Stan won’t sack him and pay him out and Wenger won’t walk away.



Season over for me. Not gonna watch Arsenal again and this is a promise i made.


How much do you wanna bet you don’t miss a single minute of every single game?


I have a busy week ahead so i don’t have time to follow a shit team like Arsenal.


You won’t miss much Luca. Just watch any display from the previous 12 years . The results the same , the only difference is the haircuts and the bright boots .


Trust me, today was the nail in the coffin for me.


If I ever win the lotto I’m dedicating a day of my life to finding all the times you’ve said this. Or I’ll pay someone to do it at least. :smile:


Cool story bro. :wink:


Luca why did you bump a 7 month old thread? hah


Cos @Mysty liked one of his posts I’m guessing :slight_smile: