Guess the player?


Could have said Yessi, missed a trick there


Also correct





Well done! Your turn





Nope :grinning:


Awful tattoo, so it can only be Leroy Sane.


Luca has been banned again. So we may never have confirmation. :confused:


Wtf why???


Ah he used the matchday thread… I forgot he wasn’t allowed to do that, obviously he forgot too.


Oh shit ffs. I wonder if there could be a thing that just locks the thread but only for him so he can’t post there even if he wants to?


The irony is he was reminded yesterday about it in a PM, which he acknowledged and agreed to, only to go and post anyways :sweat_smile: :facepalm: He’ll be back in the morning.

@Electrifying We’ve tried to find a solution like this but system is too complicated to allow for that to happen individually for one member, just not worth the hassle.


We (by which I mean @Bl1nk) already tried that but almost broke the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Ffs Discourse is some stupid ass shit.

Well now we all know, so I guess we’ll all remind him from time to time too.


There actually is a way, but it would involve approving of all his posts before they filter through, and given just how much he posts, I think us mods might struggle to keep up with all of that :arteta: We have to rely on him ultimately to do his bit really.


I disagree. The good far outweighs the not so good. :slight_smile:


Ffs :joy:


“Welcome back Luca, makes us proud”