Granit Xhaka (34)



That wasn’t a performance one should dedicate time to make a video about.


Cheers. Not bad performance albeit in a counter attacking formation. I mean he gave away a good few fouls and didn’t pass to the opposition too much and his distribution was descent. His recovery pace seemed better too.

I hope he comes good, I’m just struggling to see how. Not sure how we shift him on his wage either.


Reminded me a bit of Ramsey. Always seemingly behind and chasing his man, putting himself att risk for fouls without a perfect tackle. He definitely looked quicker but still passed directly to opposition in a few needless cases. Overall hard not to argue he has regressed at Arsenal, but I am still not seeing the ingredients of intelligence and quick thinking that we need in that role.


There was one video of him vs Pep’s Bayern floating about somewhere, I can’t find atm tho but I remember watching both of Gladbachs games vs Bayern in the 15/16 season and Xhaka was solid as a rock passing wise and defensively both games.


But you’re assuming we do any defensive training :wink:


sometimes you have to wipe your mouth

We fucked up buying this dud, we will have to take the financial hit to move him on, simple as that.

Or just bench him and get someone else. He’ll soon ask for a transfer.

He’s way below the level required. And we coulda had Ngolo Kante…


I wonder if Sven had been here then, would we have got Kante, rather than the cheaper less obvious version of Xhaka.

Kante was exactly what we needed, and if the rumours are true, he wanted to come here.


Woulda been perfect, need to ship Xhaka out even if it costs a fair bit to do it

Shockingly poor


We could still get him in the summer, as i think there is gonna be a massive overhaul at Chelsea.


Bit of a disgrace tbh.

Sure he’s playing bad but wtf is this. AFTV cunts.


Feel sorry for him. Want to give him a hug


I don’t even get the point of Instagram.


Don’t like him, but he doesn’t deserve it. The social media are full of cunts.


Boo fucking hoo. Some people said some nasty words. Get a grip mate. And try being less shit.


He’s not crying, he’d just rather not get notified that some cunt has told him to die or threatened him.


Didn’t mean he was actually crying- though I think you probably know that. Just the dramatic terminology- “death threats” sounds serious until you read any internet comment section with bellend nobodies constantly saying (but not really meaning) shit like that- should be water off a duck’s back for a grown man. And “forced to disable comments”- what a hardship. Glad I’ve been informed of this serious incident though. Maybe we should send flowers and a card.


Like sham basically just said, hed probably just rather not read some cunts telling him to die. Just like the tweet saying he “was forced to disable comments”, you are overplaying it and making an unnecessarily big deal


Sounds like you’re annoyed with the tweet because that’s where those phrases came from, not Xahka. He just disabled his comments and got on with his day I’d imagine


Bang on. And the sentiment behind it’s justification. Glad we got that cleared up.